Seminar of International Best Practice First Aid Day

On 7th, October 2016, FHS students from nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, medicine, and medical lab participated in a seminar of International Best Practice First Aid Day. The seminar was conducted on some interesting topics such as managing the unconscious person, CPR, bone fractures, sprains, burns, seizures, poisoning, drowning, choking, snake bites, stings, and other first response procedures.

Joining us, there were two speakers, namely: Mr. Allan Herman, Paramedic, Trainer & Assessor, Advanced Resuscitation & First aid, AdvDip Health Sciences, AdvDip Occupational Health & Safety, From Australia and Local Dr. Sao Chheng Ann. There were a lot of students participating in this workshop and several of them volunteered to be patients for real practice in emergency cases practice. students asked a lot of questions relating to the topics and were happy to learn new things.

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