UP simulated pharmacy is open for pharmacy students during the vacation

The Summer Pharmacy Practice Course is additionally created during the vacation for free of charge to improve pharmacy practice among students and to prepare them to become competent pharmacists. The course consists of 4 chapters: pharmacy management; patient assessment; prescription validation; and patient counseling.

1. Pharmacy management:
– Stock control using: first-in/first-out (FIFO) or First-expiry/First-out (FEFO)
– Arrange of drugs in drugs store design layout: therapeutic or pharmaceutical category; alphabetic order; dosage form; random bin; commodity code
– Drugs recognition: generic name, brand name, chemical name, strength, form, indication, dosage and contraindication, and storage.
Inventory management
2. Patient assessment: cough symptoms, eye illness, cold fever, diarrhea symptoms, headache
3. Validation prescription: acne, diabetes type II, hypertension
4. Patient counseling: non-communicable diseases (NCDs), pharmacy based management and pharmacy planning.

There are 35 students being trained in this course, and we will provide the recognition certificates for those who pass the final assessment.