The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Khon Kaen University (KKU) has been accepting UP intern students for the last three consecutive years. This is another fantastic opportunity to enrich students’ knowledge and experiences for both universities. Each year our students report that interning at KKU was an amazing experience – sharing learning experiences and cultures with Thai students. Thai and Khmer students have quite a lot of common cultures and traditions, so the students get along with one another quickly and closely. They make good friends and they enjoy Thai food.

Students not only good life-long friends, but also create great long-term partnerships as well as job opportunities. Both UP and KKU relish their close relationship which is improving research and academic links across Thailand and Cambodia allowing even more students and staff exchanges.

The Dean of the Pharmacy at KKU was particularly impressed by the soft skills and English proficiency of UP students and said that Thai students learn from them. UP students were very pleased to hear than benefits flowed both ways and that KKU really appreciated them.