The 6th International Pharmacy Summer School (IPSS) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

When summer time comes, our students excitedly think about IPSS! IPSS is one of the biggest Summer Schools in Indonesia. This annual event is usually organized by the Association of Pharmacy Student (HIMFA) in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. This year, IPSS brought about “Indonesian Herbs Medicine: Potential Ingredients as Healthy Cosmetics” from July 22 to August 04, 2019 at University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. Having heard many inspiring stories that their seniors brought along after this program, EANG Sivmey, VA Sereynich, ENG Kimheak, NOUN Vorleak, and CHHE Vannara, year 4 students, decided to join the program for these kinds of good experience as well. These five students are not only classmates at the UP pharmacy school, but they also share the same mindset. They want to broaden their horizons. They never wanted to limit themselves to what they know and to what they know how to do best. They want to think far beyond Cambodia, learn new things about other cultures and traditions. In short, they want to be a global citizen who don’t judge other cultures, but celebrates our differences. So, having an opportunity to join IPSS, they felt like living their dream. And this is just the beginning of their amazing adult lives! Our students from different batches have joined this program for three years in a row so far. Ung Huykhim and Un Sovorleak were the first UP pharmaceutical students who took part in this program and later followed by Hing Borey, Sambath Chanteany, and Chean Kosal Voleak! All of them found this summer school fantastic! We have done a lot of work to boost internationalization and enhance not just the number of students going on exchange, but also enhance the value and the quality that students get out of their time abroad. It’s about ensuring that our curriculum is internationally relevant as well.
After this two-week program, the four students had great fun trying on Indonesian custom, making herbal drinks, sightseeing, and learning heaps of new things, and making a lot of friends from other pharmacy schools. At the end of the program, Ms. EANG Sivmey was awarded as the most friendly participant while Ms. CHHE Vannara was awarded as the most active participant! Kudos, everyone!
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