The 2nd Pharmacy Conference 1st to 2nd November 2019

With the success of the inaugural Pharmacy Conference last year, the University of Puthisastra (UP) will be conducting its 2nd Pharmacy Conference 2019 on November 1-2, 2019 within its campus at Hall B, Building B, 3rd Floor. This conference is held to share knowledge, experiences, best practices, and success stories by pharmacists who have been practicing in and outside Cambodia.

Aligned with the government’s encouragement for continual professional development, this conference is designed to be a platform for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry to meet and share their experiences. Not only being able to hear different stories from various pharmacists across the country, the participants will also have a chance to find out more through interactive question and answer sessions while networking during the coffee breaks at the conference.

Invited speakers such as Dr. Heang Suy Siek from Canada, Dr. Chroeng Sokhan, Dr. Ou tey Putita are regarded as highly professionals in their related field. The conference will cover 6 themes of pharmacy profession such as Clinical Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, Commercial Pharmacy, Medical Biology and Pharmacy Education.

Invited guests include representatives of the key members of medical laboratory, pharmacy, hospital, university, and pharmaceutical industry such as DKSH, Pharma Product Manufacturing, RHAC etc.

All pharmacists, pharmacy students, and other health professionals who are interested in joining this conference are required to register prior to the conference and pay USD10 for students and USD15 for pharmacists and other professionals.

The organizing committee believes that this would be a golden opportunity to collaborate with related companies/industry to effectively provide customers the good health care services or products.

This event is also designed to serve as a platform for pharmaceutical companies and relevant industry members to present the participants about the latest products and services which might be useful for participants’ work advancement and business success. We are delighted to invite interested industry members to sponsor and participate in the exhibition at the 2nd Pharmacy Conference 2019.