Pharmacy faculties attended the training of “Early detection of unsafe food by risk-based program”

Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Puthisastra assigned two staffs to join the “Early Detection of Unsafe Food by Risk-Based Program” from February 15th to 25th 2021. This program was co-organized by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, KKU, Thailand, and Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation under the project of Mekong – Lancang Cooperation (MLC) Special Fund. The objectives of this training are to understand the method of detection and analyzing by risk-based approach, to set the sampling plan for risk products, and to increase their awareness of reporting and communication to the public.

Many participants were selected from many countries such as Lao PDR, Burma, Vietnam, China, Thailand, and Cambodia. The course content of the training are (1) sources of contamination and health effects, (2) food standard, an acceptable amount of each country, (3) filed work for food sampling at the fresh market, (4) practicing for 5 kits (borax, formalin, sulfiting agent, pesticides, coliform), (5) reporting for screening tests, and (6) risk communication.

During training, participants were selected to do group discussions and assignments to set up the surveillance team to propose a sampling plan for selected risk food and to share laws and regulations on early detection standards of risk food in their own countries. Moreover, there was the video of practicing food testing kits that allow the participants aware and discuss those practice techniques.

After the training, participants had to pass the evaluations (practicing and participating during workshop oral presentation) and attendance not less than 80% of the course. The training was very valuable and knowledgeable on food safety awareness. The training did not provide only the knowledge and practice to the participants, but also the friendship and cooperation among international participants. There was such a valuable training to our staffs to continue their professional development and share that knowledge to their colleagues.