Ms. Darasour LA, UP pharmacy student Wins Scholarship At The University of York, UK

It is apparently crazy to dream amazing stories that will happen as we close our eyes and drift to sleep, yet those dreams can help shape our thoughts and daily actions. As a scholarship chaser, Darasour frequently had dreams of seeing the words SCHOLARSHIP AWARD WINNERS in her email inbox on her phone!

We are delighted to report that her dream has come true. She has won a Sharifah Sofia Albukhary Scholarship Award and has been awarded a place at the University of York in England.

She has been asked by many people how much work she put into her scholarship application. “One word might not be enough to describe but it was extremely intense. So it’s better to start doing research on scholarship, specifically focusing on their objectives (Region, Merit, Academic or financial base etc). Look up the university website first to get ideas of who is qualified to get the offer from them.” said Darasour.

She will put the process of getting a scholarship from University of York into two categories. Initially, applying for admission through the United Kingdom’s University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) and getting an offer from the universities. She suggests that we should have a consultation with a school counselor to consider if the course that we intend to apply is right for us. Only then, start a personal statement and request a reference letter from your school.

After getting an offer from the university, we are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Following that, Darasour started her scholarship application straightaway. Despite the fact that she got offers from three universities, of of which have full fee scholarships, she applied her scholarship only to the University of York, as she likes their teaching and research facilities which are very impressive, so she could get exposed to new technology and science, as well as the rich cultural environment of the university and York itself, a very historic city in England. She also asked some of her friends and lecturers to read her personal statement, give feedback and correct any errors.