First Day of Online Class at UP Pharmacy

COVID-19 has rapidly altered the daily routine of Cambodian citizens. One of the major changes for children, teens, youths, and adults is the educational transition from physical class learning to remote learning or online learning. The immediate and indefinite closure of all types and levels of physical education was issued by Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) due to COVID-19 pandemic. Remote learning is encouraged and applied where schools, teachers and students have access to computers, smart phones and internet connection. The limitedly-resourced country like Cambodia is very challenging to provide an equitable quality education to the students. UP is very committed to promoting modern high-quality educational activities though online delivery. UP has officially selected Google Meet and UPOP as the virtual templates across the faculties.

For example in UPs Faculty of Pharmacy – “Today is first day of online class and the first day of semester II at the Faculty of Pharmacy. It is the achievement of several months of hard work at FoP and related supporting departments/office. It is an exciting day and I am very happy that I am able to provide the teaching during this closedown period. Overall, my class is running well. I believe that the students will able to achieve my course learning outcomes by the end of each session” said Ms. Chantha CHHENG, Botany lecturer at FoP.

“The first day of online class is exiting. I feel like getting something new and interesting. Lecturers do a good presentation. But, I feel that it is harder to ask questions and interact with the lecturers” mentioned Vichheka PISETH, year 3 pharmacy student. Although Pharmacy has faced few challenges and teething problems in the first day, online quality is improving over few weeks ahead. UP is working very hard to help students with this modern way of teaching.