Dr. CHEA Sin unlocked golden potentials for UP Pharmacy after his latest trip to China

Dr. Chea Sin, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, went to China from October 19 to October 26, 2019 as invited speakers to join two conferences: The International Symposium on Medicinal Resources of Countries along One Belt and One Road, and 2019 Hunan Innovative International Conference on Biomedicine and Chinese Medicine. The participants were from India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, China, and Portugal. He was the only one invited participant from Cambodia.

During that trip, besides presenting two research findings , he had learned many things related to drug development from the medicinal plants to the lead compound, and finally the clinical trial. These have motivated him to involve in the drug development using Cambodian Medicinal Plants. Moreover, he also made a lot of friends particularly with deans and professors from China as well as from other countries.

The followings were the remarkable achievements from his trip:

  1. Chinese Deans and Professors, together with deans and professors from other countries would like to hold the next international conference on Medicinal Resources of Countries along One Belt and One Road in Cambodia at University of Puthisastra.
  2. Prof. Jun Wu, Vice Dean of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Southern Medical University called for the joint-research with University of Puthisastra.
  3. Prof. Hou Xiaotao, from school of pharmacy, Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine would be pleased to welcome UP staffs for trainings on traditional medicine laboratories, together with other ASEAN countries.
  4. Prof. Wang Wei, Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, together with the university president, welcomes UP to visit his laboratories.
  5. Dr. CHEA Sin is invited to join as invited speaker during the International Conference on Natural Products and Human Health-2020 in India by the Prof. Ramesh K. Goyal, Vice Chancellor of Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University.
  6. All others partners are willing to come to Cambodia to share the knowledge and experiences in research on natural products.

Well-done, Dr. CHEA Sin and we really appreciate his effort and commitment to make UP the leading pharmacy school in Cambodia.