Behind the magic number!

Since 2017, University of Puthisastra (UP) has sent 151 students abroad for international internship, exchange and conference, especially in Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Poland, and China. This is a great achievement for the Faculty of Pharmacy, under the leadership of board of trustees, president, and leadership team, with the participation from staff at all levels, and students.
What have the students received after having international internship, exchange and conference experiences?
After having international experiences, students had received the following important hard and soft skills:
1. Motivation and confidence to make efforts to catch up with other countries around the world
2. Being open-minded with long-term vision when becoming a manager or leader
3. Friendship and network with professors and students from other countries to create chances for postgraduate scholarship and successful career.
4. Knowledge and experiences to prepare themselves to be a world citizen
5. Independence to prepare themselves to be successful in life, and other soft skills like being open minded, sharing, teamwork and collaboration…etc.
UP brings Cambodia to the international stage through good education!