2 UP pharmaceutical research posters got the best poster awards among over 300 posters from schools of pharmacy in Asia.

From 3rd-5th of July 2019, 29 UP pharmaceutical students brought 11 research poster to be presented at the 9th Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy (AASP) conference at Ajou University, Republic of Korea with the participation from students, management of schools of pharmacy, invited speakers, and researchers from different countries such as China, USA, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, Macao, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Cambodia…etc. Among over 300 posters from schools of pharmacy in Asia, 2 UP pharmaceutical students’ research posters were selected as the best poster. UP Pharmaceutical Students really made the world amazed and excited about their achievements and progress. This is a big achievement for Faculty of Pharmacy on the international stage.

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