The mock exam for Bachelor nursing bridging batch1

The program of nursing, we have an associates degree in nursing, bachelor degree in nursing, and bachelor degree bridging from associated degree. These programs complete the requirements of the students or nurses who want to improve or develop their career in nursing. From 8 to 14 January, 2021, the nursing department provided the mock exam for Bachelor degree of nursing science bridging batch 1 (BSNB1), Associate degree and bachelor degree in nursing to stimulate and evaluate their capacity before the internal exit exam that will be held on 25-30 January, 2021. There are 84 students who will perform their internal exit exam at the end of January. There are 24 procedures which will be divided into 7 stations for students to take exams. These stations are focused on infection control, medical/ surgical techniques, medical/surgical aseptic techniques, sterilization, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and health education.