Nursing instructors visits students during clinical visit at the Phnom Penh referral hospital

UP nursing department has a 7 week practicum for clinical instruction at the Phnom Penh referral hospital. Nine students from BSNY2 students were divided into 2 groups. First group at the medical ward and the second group at the emergency ward.

UP selected this hospital because it is the CPA2 for adult hospital which included medical ward and emergency ward.

In their first time at this hospital for their clinical practicum they practiced basic skills like vital signs. They are also working hard on their case studies while doing their clinical practice.

Our instructors visit the hospital every 2-weeks to check on progress and get feedback from the hospital’s staff/ preceptors about students’ performants. During every visit to students, clinical instructor will observe the improvement of the students, discuss the student’s behaviors, improvements with hospital preceptors.