Introducing Head of Nursing MS TUN SREYPEOV

Sreypeov took up her position as Head of Nursing in February this year. She had worked in the Department of Nursing for many years as a part time lecturer and more recently in a deputy head role. She was rejoining the UP Nursing team after having time away to focus on her now 2 year old beautiful daughter, Bella.

Sreypeov graduated with her Associate Degree in Nursing in 2007. At the same time, she was completing a Bachelor of Arts with an English major. From here she went straight on to do her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in a 2 year bridging program in the Philippines. Sreypeov was the first Cambodian nurse to take up this opportunity and was successful in achieving this in 2010.

Her determination and commitment to ongoing education, to nursing and to advancing her career saw her successfully gain a place as a student in a Masters in Science of Nursing program at Loma Linda University, on completion of her Bachelor degree. Again Sreypoev was leading the way: she was the first Cambodian nurse to study an online master’s degree and was one among only five Cambodian nurses to graduate successfully in 2013.

Sreypeov`s determination is be reflected in a life rule she has: a mistake can happen only once, if it happens more than twice, it is a choice. Along with over 7 years teaching experience, Sreypeov brings to her role a strong clinical expertise in the specialty area of neurological nursing with additional knowledge in the area of health nutrition. Sreypeov is very passionate about nursing as a profession and understand that nurses need to have a strong voice to lead nursing education and to strengthen the nursing profession moving forward. While seeing it as a professional responsibility, she also takes great pleasure in mentoring younger nurses, encouraging them and sharing her knowledge, skills and experiences with them to facilitate their professional journeys. Sreypeov is an excellent role model to UP nursing students and staff alike.