Meet with Medical Students

Studying at University is exciting thing to do after graduating from high school. The most exciting thing is getting better result at University. Actually better result comes from putting effort in many different ways. The following is a sharing interview with three outstanding students from medical department.

Thanut, Currently a senior medical student of university of Puthisastra, told that after passing grade 12, he decided to choose medical skill at University of Puthisastra suggested by his family. One reason is that University of Puthisastra uses English as main Language.

With smiley face, this young student showed some tips of studying ‘ for me there’s no special tips, I just try not to put too much pressure on myself, during study time just keep being curious all the times. For reading book, I prefer to read at home because it’s quiet for reading. Another reason, I don’t like reading in the crowd. However, I still ask my lecturer and my friends when I have some doubts. This student also mentioned how health plays important role in his studying as well, so he’s also careful about food as well. For future goal, he wants to contribute his knowledge in health sector as possible as he can.

Similarly, student named Sambath Rathalida, also raised similar reason that she decided to choose medical skill at University of Puthisastra because university of Puthisastra uses English as main Language.

This student also mentioned that English is used globally. For tips of studying, Miss Lida , raised that ‘ for me , I don’t put too much pressure on myself, I have to manage time for studying appropriately and have enough time to relax. Personally, most of the time, I like to read at night because it helps me to concentrate well for reading.

Miss Lida also added that the most important reason is that we need to catch the main ideas each time during lecture. What I love the most about UP is that staffs and all lecturers are kindly help and facilitate to all students who need help quite quick. In hopeful face, Miss Linda, told about her future goal that ‘I want to be a professional doctor who can save people live’

Related to this skill, student named Seng Sodalin mentioned that she got this information from her friends and what pushes her to study this skill at University of Puthisastra because UP uses English as main Language and UP itself has been developed significantly.

Miss Sodalin also mentioned about some tips of studying similarly to two previous students above such as: manage time for study , not force herself studying many hours, and have enough time to relax.

Besides studying in the class, Miss sodalin also told that she did some research on the internet such as on different websites and YouTube as well. This medical student also mentioned about doing more research by surfing on the internet is really useful for her because she could solve problem quickly whenever she couldn’t find helps from friends and lecturers. For her, in the future, she wants to become a good and professional doctor in order to help Cambodian as possible as she can.

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