Handing Certificate Awarding Ceremony to Lbokator Outstanding Students

On 31st May 2016, University of Puthisastra held certificate awarding ceremony to lbokator outstanding students at University of Puthisastra , who was awarded in third place on ‘ the best team performance’ in international martial art performance in 2016 at Ho Chi Minh , Vietnam, on 22 to 24 April, 2016.

In this certificate awarding to outstanding students of lblokator club, there were a lot of honorable guests attended in this event such as Mr. Long Sopheng, vice director of University of Puthisatra, Mr. Hok Chheangkim, vice director of lbokator federation of Cambodia, the management team of University of Puthisastra, coaches in lbokator club at university of Puthisastra, students in lbocator clubs, many other university of puthisastra students and many news reporters as well.

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