The Faculty of Medicine has conducted the first Pre-Hospital Training Session for year 4 medical students. This training is the first of its kind in Cambodia and provide the students with simulation practice before they are exposed to the real patients in hospitals, increasing their confidence and strengthening their knowledge.The training was led by Dr. Prom Vireak, Deputy Dean for Clinical Affairs, and was provided by experienced clinicians from six private and public hospitals. It consisted of 3 skill stations and 2 lectures that covered medical note writing and adult basic life support. The students rotated through all the skill stations and had been asked to read a handout and to answer pre-test questions before the training. The skill station 1 was about neurological and abdominal examinations. For the neurological examination, the students practiced assessing the function of the 12 cranial nerves and the motor and sensory functions for the upper and lower limbs. The skill station 2 concerned basic life support; the students took turn to assess cardiac arrest and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Students had also the opportunity to perform the Heimlich’s maneuver on adult choking manikins.

The last skill station focused on the heart and chest/lungs examination. Students learned to identify the different areas for cardiac examination and, using a manikin that produces normal and abnormal sounds, were able to auscultate the various pathologic heart sounds. Further pre-hospital trainings will be done in the next few months for MD year 5, 6 and 7 students.

UP appreciates their contribution to these efforts; their contribution really means a lot for our university, society, and our country. It is such a big achievement for our university that we have such good outcome in our students and alumni. A big shout out to our students for their hard work for our country and may their huge efforts show the best result.