First MD Online Thesis Defence at UP

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Faculty of Medicine has joined the other Faculties at UP and moved all the MD thesis defenses online through Google Meet. The online defence follows the same format and includes the same components previously required for in-person defence, and is organized via two different links, one for the public and the other for the examiners.

The Faculty of Medicine organized nine Online Thesis Defence events in August and September 2020. The first defense was conducted on August 4th, 2020, with Professor Callum S. Durward as Chair of the Examination Committee and Assistant Professor Duong Dararith, Dr. Mao Heng and Dr. Kim Bunna as members. The title of the dissertation was “Descriptive Study Of Acute Cholecystitis Patients In The Gastroenterology And Hepatology Department, Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital”; the primary supervisor was Dr. Chea Ong and the co-supervisor Dr. Leng Nara. The students Chhun Raothborum, Hor Kimleng and Dy Sereyrith successfully passed with credit.