Huge congratulations to UP’s very first batch of 92 Medical students who achieved 100% success in the exam. This is a great achievement for UP and our students and reflects the quality standards of UP’s Medical program. UP is the only medical school in Cambodia to achieve 100% pass rate. This first batch of Medical students have developed excellent skills to prepare for work in the government service, private clinics or prepare for postgraduate study. Many of the graduating class have had the opportunity to follow pathways to advanced careers. UP students have worked with UPs dedicated team to provide excellent clinical experience using class-leading equipment compared to other students in Cambodia and around the region. In addition following UPs vision of exposing Cambodian students to worlds best practice, more than half of the class have travelled overseas to attend a conference or take part in exchange programs at other Medical schools. This excellent result is an indicator of the quality and rigor of UPs curriculum, teaching standards and importantly will provide top-quality new employees for employers. This is great news for all UP students and staff, not only that but we are making UP even better! Watch this space – some very exciting developments in coming weeks.
There is no better time to be studying at UP.