ICT Alumni interview

Last week, the ICT department interviewed some alumni to know more about their exceptional career path since the beginning of their studies at UP. With a near 100% employability rate after graduation, the competencies and skills our graduates are well recognised on the job-market. Most of them are already full-time employed from their Year 3 with more than a 90% employability rate, 2 years before their graduation!

Because our UP ICT graduates are well-prepared to meet the demands of today’s technology skills, they are sought-after professionals who can work in various industries: Telecom, Bank, Insurance, E-commerce, Hi-Tech, Security, Logistics, Education, Food & Beverage…Several alumni are also Entrepreneurs in Technology.

In this series of interviews, we will know more about the stories of the alumni listed below: Why did they choose to learn about IT? What was their favorite subjects? What is their current job? how UP prepared them for their job? What are their recommendations for their junior?

  • Sophorn PHOU, Bachelor 2015 Programming – Master 2017, Founder and CEO of Phsar Tech
  • Mengleang HOK, Bachelor 2018 – Networking, IT Support Technician at Union Commercial Bank
  • Phalla MOK, Bachelor 2019 – Networking, Information Technology Manager at Talk2 Solutions
  • LimEng CHONG, Bachelor 2019 – Programming, MIS and Reporting Specialist at Amret Microfinance
  • Sovannareach DAROM, Bachelor 2020 – Programming, Software Engineer at Vconnect Integrated Solution
  • Nuon NEOURNG, Bachelor 2020 – Programming, Solutions sales at IdeaLink consulting

Thank to all of them for their participation and experience sharing!
Videos will be posted soon on our UP official Facebook page and the “University of Puthisastra – ICT public” Facebook page.