Field Trip to Siem Reap Under the Theme of “Environmental Morality and Career Planning”

The 3-day- field trip had taken place at Siem Reap province, Angkor Wat from 4-6th, January 2013, under the main theme of “Environmental morality and Career Planning” was successfully held by students from B28 and B29 classes in order to fulfill the requirements of their Self- Development class under the supervision of Mrs. KIM Socheata, and we would like to give the appreciation to the co-facilitator Mr. THON Daravuth, Mr. MEN Mana as well as other students from different faculties in universities of Puthisastra.

Upon the arrival, the students proceeded to Life and Hope Association to join with the orphans and started the overall program. Students were divided into 2 groups such as: Environmental awareness and Career planning group. The two groups had shared the experiences to the orphans about how to care and love the environment as well as advice about what path they should take to pursue and achieve their goals.

The students also had taken a study tour to Angkor Wat and Bakheng mountain; meanwhile, they also conduct team building games which could create both fun and team spirit among students themselves. All in all the field trip was very successful with a lot of learning experiences with a strong cooperation from the students to the staff and from the students to the lecturers. We do hope and would like to make productive suggestion to the university to have more of these kinds of event so that the students could learn not only the hard skills that were taught in class, but also the soft skills (EQ) which are essentially important in the society. “We build a better future starting from today.”