Essay Competition

Student Council is the representative of students in University of Puthisastra. UPSC’s members are selected by the election every year by June. UPSC has its main goal to promote core value of the University, create variety of activities within campus and outside, and assist to any need for help from the students.

Recently, we have created one more project called “Core value essay competition”’ after we finished our project “Public Safety Campaign” with success. This new project aims at make UP students understand well about the core value of university. We want to select outstanding students that understand deeply in meaning of UP core value. It also relates their goals in each college. This idea comes from our vice-president, Mr. Lad, who is in charge of an advisor for UPSC.

The Competition was held successfully on 23th of March.

On 10th of April We awarded the top 3 outstanding student who write the best essay with deeply meaning of core value ‘’Honor yourself, Respect others and Develop society’’ base on the 3 criteria “Best Content, Best Language Use, Best Example”.

Best Content goes to Ms. Kev Sokunpidorbopha

Best Language goes to Mr. Lok Kimsour

Best Example goes to Mr. Ky Rattana