UP Students’ testimonies

Hello everyone my name is Y Sopharith. I am a dentist student. My impression about UP after the reopening is change into a good quality especially the prevention for the students, staff and teacher all are follow to the policy of the university that everyone need to have their own protection in anywhere even in lab or UP campus. I believe that UP will update more for students very soon and is now going on the right track.

Y Sopharith, Faculty of Dentistry, Year 3

I’m Roniza Ty, I am a dentist student. I’m really grateful to be back at campus to practice at sim lab and I am so happy to see what UP staff have been working to ensure that everyone is safe from the covid-19. Staff and also lecturer always make sure that students are in social distancing while in campus even in classroom. They also provide us hand sanitizer at the gate, moreover, they check our temperature, wearing masks before we can get into the campus. At last, wearing your mask, Stay cleaned, social distancing to protect yourself, your family and your friend. I’m really appreciate what UP have been doing for us.

Ty Roniza, Faculty of Dentistry, Year 3