UP Dental Students join Asia Pacific Dental Students Association (APDSA) meeting in Vietnam

The APDSA Mid-Year Meeting and Lend a Hand project 2019 was hosted by APDSA (Vietnam) recently. They did a fantastic job even though it was the first time that Vietnam had hosted the Congress. The program allowed everyone to learn, enjoy a range of social activities, and help people with disabilities in the Lend a Hand project.

Seven UP dental students participated in the program, lead by Lao Ryna, International President of APDSA. The APDSA annual Congress 2020 will be take place in Siem Reap from 1st to 5th of August 2020. The next Mid-year Meeting and Lend a Hand project will be in Indonesia, and the 2021 Annual Congress in Japan. Many UP students will be involved in the Siem Reap Congress, and UP is the sponsoring university for this event.