UP Dental Clinic Open for Business

On Monday 4 January UP dental students will be back in force in the UP dental clinic. Although the clinic has continued to run from Monday to Saturday during the recent Covid scare, numbers of patients were down. However, our clinic staff, orthodontists and residents did a great job providing treatment to those who needed it during this period, closely adhering to the National Cross Infection Control Guidelines.

Now that students are back, we expect the numbers of patients to pick up, and services will get back to normal again. We are presently open for patients needing all types of dental care, including implants, dentures and orthodontics. Patients can choose whether to be treated by a dental student, a general dentist or a specialist. Recently we have erected two new signs to advertise the clinic which share our exceptionally low prices for quality treatment. The clinic is open Monday to Saturday from 8.30am until 5pm, and Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 5 to 7pm.