UP is about to graduate its third batch of dentists. Presently several of our top graduates from the first two groups have been employed at UP in various positions. Dr Horn Rithvitou is primarily involved in research projects, including overseeing 2 clinical trials, providing statistical support for thesis writing, and teaching in the Introduction to Dentistry course in year 2 and the Biostatistics course in year 5. Dr Chray Mengkheng works 2 days a week as the Community Dentistry Fieldwork coordinator, helping to organize and supervise students in our school oral health program, along with helping in the clinic and lab. We also have 4 top graduates facilitating the Problem Based Learning sessions for students in Year 3 and Year 5 this semester, Dr Chray Mengkheng, Dr Pheach Rattanak, Dr Sao Soksan, and Dr Kaing Koung. In the lab we have recently engaged Dr Tort Ravy, Dr Chea Senghuy, Dr Meng Bunleng and Dr Seang Chanthyda to teach alongside our Thailand-trained Lab Technician Mr Eng Kiny. In addition we employ 6 new graduates as general practice residents. They work in the clinic treating private patients, and sometimes supervise the undergraduate students. They are Dr Pheach Rattanak, Dr Theam Terong, Dr Bun Sophealeak, Dr Choun Lina, Dr Meng Bunleng, and Dr Duong Pechdara. Many of our talented young graduates are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies, since Cambodia lacks specialists in many areas. Currently some are applying for scholarships in Thailand. UP is very happy to see its own graduates returning to UP to help educate the new generation of dental students, and we greatly appreciate their contributions!