Faculty of Dentistry Staff Attend Implant Conference in CHIANG MAI, Thailand

Earlier this month 5 lecturers and new graduates from the Faculty of Dentistry at UP were invited to attend the 5th Thai-German Dental Congress co-organized by Chiang Mai University, the Private Dentist Association of Thailand, and the German Society of Oral Implantology (DGOI). The main objective of the congress was to update knowledge about implantology, which is a rapidly changing field. The meeting attracted world class speakers from all over the world including Germany, Australia and Thailand. Increasingly dental implants are becoming accepted as the best possible option to replace missing teeth, and it is important that our own UP dentists and students are able to provide such treatment with a high level of competency.
The 5 UP dentists who attended the conference (Dr Horn Sereybot, Dr Tak Ranuch, Dr Soy Rasy, Dr Kaing Koung, and Dr Boy Vanseng) will share their knowledge and experience with our undergraduate students who currently study implants in the final year of the DDS program. Students who pass the implants course can provide implants to patients for only $300 (including the crown). UP has a collaboration with the Chiang Mai University Center of Excellence in Implantology to help improve implant education in Cambodia. UP aims to become the leader of dental education in Cambodia in the future, and employing the top dentists and dental specialists to teach our students modern techniques is one important way to achieve this goal.