A Prof Teerasak’s Visit

UP was honored to have A/Professor Teerasak visit our dental department yesterday. A/Prof Teerasak was in Cambodia to speak at the Dental Council conference on Laser technology – something quite new for Cambodia. He is the Associate Dean for Planning and Quality Assurance at KKU. A/Prof Teerasak discussed the increasing cooperation between our two universities, and was keen to see more short-term visits by our UP lecturers and clinical tutors. He was pleased to hear that two of the KKU graduates (Dr Ranuch and Dr Rathanak) are teaching part-time at UP, and that another young dentist (Dr Soy Rasy) who is completing his Masters in Restorative Dentistry at KKU, will likely come to teach here next year. During his tour of the UP dental clinic and dental simulation lab he commented on how lucky our students re to have such modern facilities. Today 10 UP students and one staff member (Mr Seiha) are travelling to Khon Kaen for a 2 week exchange visit.