Introducing: Mr. Sorn Virak, Research Methodology Course Coordinator

Mr Sorn Virak joined FY in December 2019 as a Research Methodology course coordinator. Virak handles technical operations of the Research Methodology course and provides pastoral care to students who need it.

Despite being junior in the field of Education, Virak demonstrates full potential, great and passionate commitment to making substantial contributions to making a positive change in students’ learning at UP. He has a broad educational background in Biochemical Technology from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand, requiring him to do systematic reviews and scientific research. Virak thus has considerable experiences in science-based research.

Exhibiting enthusiasm and passion in research and learning something new, Virak has been nominated to join the Emerging Research Group at the university as an active group member, while he is reviewing a paper in relation to “Supplementation of Enzyme Endo-xylanase in chicken feeds’. He communicated that he is passionate about reviewing papers in scientific disciplines. Join Virak if you find this in common.