UP VOICE VOL.63 – May 2021

The Official Newsletter of the University of Puthisastra (UP)-Vol.63 May 2021 Download

As a leading university in Cambodia, the University of Puthisastra (UP) is delighted to announce that we have become the first and only university in the history of Cambodia to become listed within The Times Higher Education Global Impact Ranking Tables (https://www.timeshighereducation.com/world-university-rankings).

UP was ranked in the Top 100-200 in the World for “Decent Work and Economic Growth” out of 685 institutions worldwide. An amazing result! UP is in the same ranking as Qatar University, University of Sao Paolo, UNSW Sydney, University of Valencia, University of Leicester, Beijing Technology.

Other results include 401-600 (out of 871 institutions) for Good Health and Wellbeing and 801+ (out of 966) for Quality Education.

The inclusion of UP marks a huge, bold step forward, both for UP in particular, and for the international status of Higher Education in Cambodia. This puts Cambodia on the World map. The Times Higher Education Ranking is regarded at the World’s Top ranking system and puts UP is in excellent company with Universities of Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, Caltech, MIT which take the top 5 spots.

The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings are extremely prestigious as the only global performance tables that assess universities against the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Overall ranking includes 1,115 universities from 94 countries/regions.

Carefully calibrated indicators are used by The Times to provide a comprehensive and balanced comparison across three broad areas of essential university activity: Research, Outreach and Stewardship. They also inform readers about the different missions and successes of Higher Education institutions across the world.

The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings are extremely prestigious as the only global performance tables that assess universities against the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Overall ranking includes 1,115 universities from 94 countries/regions. Each university in the rankings has a detailed profile, with a breakdown of its overall scores across the SDG’s which they have been working hard to contribute to. The rankings are available here to analyse
https://www.timeshigher education.com/impactrankings#!/page/0/length/25/locations/KH/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/undefined then search for country/region.

It is also with particular pride that UP is able to announce not only our entry into the rankings, but our arrival within the top 200 universities in the world as well! This is valuable recognition for UPs ongoing work towards meeting the challenges of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

This achievement marks the first time a university in Cambodia has been formally recognised as helping to lead the way globally, at the very highest echelons of Higher Education in this vital area of work, study and research.

Furthermore, The Times’ rich and in-depth data, rankings and league tables have become a vital resource for students (and their families), helping them to make one of the most important decisions of their lives: namely, which institution they should trust with their education. It is equally valuable for academics too; they rely on this information to decide future career plans.

Having successfully achieved this recognition on the global stage, UP will be continuing its progress upwards in the months and years ahead, to cement both UP’s Cambodia’s place and reputation within the Higher Education industry globally, on a permanent basis.

With our excellent staff and students working in lock-step together, the sky’s the limit for UP!


UP Launches Foundation Year

UP welcomed an excited group of 709 students as they joined UP for the first time in a fully online and safe environment. During the first week of orientation, our students were introduced to the University organization, policies, program, lecturers, schedule, teaching & learning methodology, expectations and communication channels. It also represents a time of new challenges and new opportunities.

With the current challenge of closed campuses as a consequence of COVID-19, UP is really grateful for the commitment of lecturers and students in using UPOP (UP exclusive online learning platform) to make sure classes can continue to run in Foundation Year and therefore minimize students disruption to their education. This will also help our students’ learning activities using modern enhanced completion tracking and personalized learning plans, built from top quality competency frameworks and learning objectives. In addition, it will also help our teachers to predict and support students’ learning outcomes to maximize our Foundation Year students’ learning experience like never before.

Sundas Waheed, Foundation Year Director stated that “The entire pandemic experience has been shockingly disruptive, disorienting, and sobering for us all, the burdens of this crisis fell unequally within the community. Women, single parents, healthcare workers, and individuals from marginalized communities were disproportionately affected. Students have had it especially difficult. Many families lost jobs and income, others struggled to secure quality internet access or adequate computer technology. During these very difficult times, we are reminded that flexibility and compassion are the most important virtues; that if we can take some small steps to lower the pressure on each other, we can improve our community’s prospects for success. With this empathy and understanding, we begin our Foundation Year 2021.”

We wish them good luck for their exciting new journey in university life!

Student Engagement programs at UP

UP recently launched 4 student engagement programs to support UP students during the pandemic, at the same time connect with the university by sharing all of the useful information to our students so that they don’t feel left behind and continue to feel supported. Plus, they can enjoy fun activities like quizzes, prizes whilst learning relevant and useful information from UP along the way.

UP strives to develop a positive learning experience for students, so creating opportunities for them to get to know each other is part of essential to student engagement. Personal connections are difficult due to campus closure but must be fostered throughout the following weeks especially during this challenging time in Phnom Penh as well as parts of the affected area in Cambodia.

Not only does this program help UP students get through this period of pandemic recovery, but it will also help them promote a healthy mental well-being that will be beneficial for their learning experience regardless of where and when it happens. UP students will also have exclusive access to the workshop entitled “Stress management during the covid-19 lockdown” that will take place on May 8th, 2021 from 1:00pm-2:00pm conducted by our professional Health Counsellor, Mr. Hoeur Sethul.

There is no better time to be studying at UP!

Semester 2 Launches at UP

UP starts semester 2 despite much of Phnom Penh being locked down and despite many universities stopping all education. UP uses Google Meet and UPOP – its very own online platform – as part of synchronous and asynchronous learning and assessing which being online allows everyone to stay safe and still stay productive.

We are very proud that during this challenging period while many schools and universities in Cambodia are closed, UP has been able to keep delivering an excellent academic service to our students. Here at UP, our journey is one that focuses on quality so in semester 2, 173 courses are being delivered though UP online-learning platform, UPOP. UP students are in the best position to receive a great education.

Leap, a UP Dentistry student said “In semester 2, we mainly study in UPOP and it is convenient because all the programs are easy to access as well as all my professor’s lessons are posted to UPOP so I don’t have to ask my professors to send me the lesson or waiting for their late response. Although many students have poor internet connection and can miss the lecture, UP however records videos allowing students to replay and review when they miss the points or spot. Moreover, there are tons of quiz for student to improve themselves.”

Recently, UP have also developed Capacity Development Online Mini-Workshop Series for students and teachers including “Effective online learning and teaching” and many other topics that improve both students and teachers’ educational capability. The inclusive of these workshop remains one of the core elements for UP faculty staff and students to enhance the teaching and learning experience. It’s a win win for both teachers and students. Leap, a UP Dentistry student said “In semester 2, we mainly study in UPOP and it is convenient because all the programs are easy to access as well as all my professor’s lessons are posted to UPOP so I don’t have to ask my professors to send me the lesson or waiting for their late response. Although many students have poor internet connection and can miss the lecture, UP however records videos allowing students to replay and review when they miss the points or spot. Moreover, there are tons of quiz for student to improve themselves.”

Volunteering of Medical Laboratory Technology Student to fight against Covid-19

We are very proud of our Medical Laboratory Technology students, in assisting Samdech Techo Voluntary Youth Doctor Association (T.Y.D.A) in fighting Covid-19 by taking part of the Vaccination Team.

Medical Laboratory Technology students from the University of Puthisastra generation 9, as well as the alumni from generation 3, have been working with Samdech Techo Voluntary Youth Doctor Association as volunteers. They are responsible for vaccinating people in various COVID-19 Vaccination Centers around the city such as Bak Tuk high school, Kom Bol high school, and Kouk Roka Health Center.

UP appreciates their contribution to these efforts; their contribution really means a lot for our university, society, and our country. It is such a big achievement for our university that we have such good outcome in our students and alumni. A big shout out to our students for their hard work for our country and may their huge efforts show the best result.

UP Nursing lecturers join the combat Covid 19 in Cambodia

As International Nursing Day is approaching in May we would like to acknowledge and congratulate up our UP lecturers who are working in hospitals to fight against Covid 19.

Howard Catton, ICN Chief Executive Officer, said, “The pandemic has exposed the weaknesses in our health systems and the enormous pressures our nurses are working under, as well as shining a light on their incredible commitment and courage. What the pandemic has also done is given us the opportunity to call for a reset and the opportunity to explore new models of care where nurses are at the center of our health system.

Mr. Pak Sopheak, UP lecturer and infection control nurse at Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital said “I am willing to engage in patient care to against the virus even I knew I am facing risks. I have to isolate myself from my family and friends. For more than a year since Covid has invaded in Cambodia, with the trust from my hospital leadership, I have active engaged in Covid 19 training program on training many nurses in hospitals and provinces across the country.” He also encourages and remind other nurses to follow strict precautions so that front line health staff can remain safe and healthy”.

Another UP lecturer, Ms. Chea Touchsorady, a neurological nurse who works at specialty brain and spine surgery clinic mentioned “I extremely appreciate all the frontline nurses who are working closely with positive Covid- 19 patients. Their dedication in this critical situation is a great motivator to the Nurses and students Nurses to stand up together in fighting against virus. Through TYDA, I volunteer with “Covid- 19 vaccination team” on my day off from working.

Even I have little time in joining and less risk but believe that every role that all of us involve will make a huge change and help the community to be better again in the near future”.

Understanding Covid-19 Diagnostics and Optimizing Community Resilience

First, Ebola and now COVID-19 demonstrate unequivocally the need for, and value of point-of-care testing. Starting from several pandemic papers published in the Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, please join these speakers in this interactive international symposium to discuss the future of a new field, including practitioners, national policy, and global solutions.

Together, we will journey along a road map of performance expectations and point-of-care strategies that will deal with Covid-19 and the next crisis swiftly and effectively.

UP would like to warmly invite you to a virtual mini conference. You can join the conference by scanning the QR code on the flyer or using the link below.

  • Date: Saturday, May 8, 2021
  • Time: 9:00 – 10:30am
  • Google Meet joining info
  • Video call link: https://meet.google.com/sgr-fseu-qfu

For more information, please contact Ms. Eng Muyngim via email: emuyngim@puthisastra.edu.kh


The current batch of year 5 students are this semester completing their studies on biostatistics, epidemiology and dental research methods. By the end of the semester they are expected to have chosen a topic and developed a well-thought-out proposal which will be submitted it to the UP Research Committee for approval. Then they will have two full years to actually carry out their research project in groups of three students.

We are currently recruiting interested UP lecturers who would like to be thesis supervisors. Supervisors should have some research background and a higher degree (Masters or PhD). And they must be willing to commit to guide the students through the research project from beginning to end, including having regular meetings. In some cases, there will be a supervisor and a co-supervisor – ideally one of these should be a dentist, but this is not always necessary depending on the topic of the thesis. If you would like to be a thesis supervisor, please contact the Dental Research Coordinator Dr Kong Sophannary DDS PhD (Japan) for more information. <ksophannary@puthisastra.edu.kh>

Training on how to be a good supervisor will be provided in one of our thesis supervisor workshops.

The Learning Centre, QLTS, Offers Capacity Development Online Mini-Workshops for UP Lecturers and Students in May 2021

The Learning Centre, Department of Quality, Learning and Teaching, and Students (QLTS), hosts Capacity Development Online Mini-Workshops for UP lecturers and students in May 2021. The workshops aim to support our lecturers with the modern pedagogy and types of assessments. The workshops also help students in regards to their studies, particularly online, blended, or hybrid learning. In promoting lecturers’ teaching pedagogy and students’ different study skills and learning techniques, we are offering a variety of sessions, which lecturers and students can register in.

Our facilitators/trainers are willing to support UP lecturers and students in terms of effective teaching and learning strategies and practices, either online or mixed-mode. We love to share knowledge and practices with lecturers and students in small groups and/or as an individual.

By the end of the workshops, lecturers and students are asked to fill out a survey in order to let us know their views about the workshops and suggest additional topics in response to their needs for us to work on and deliver to them in the next phase. In addition, they can seek help regarding advanced teaching and learning methods as well as consultations from the Learning Centre, QLTS, individually when they encounter any challenges.


During the closure of the UP Dental Clinic, senior students are missing out on their clinical practice. To counteract this problem, the faculty is putting together a series of on-line presentations where clinical cases can be shared and discussed. We have been actively recruiting our DDS graduates, lecturers, clinical tutors, as well as several overseas specialists, to run these online sessions. Dr Chris Park, who used to teach at UP but is now completing his Masters in Orthodontics in the US, is one colleague who has offered (with several of his associates) to provide online teaching in orthodontics during this time.

The series of presentations was kicked off last week by batch 1 graduate Dr Sao Soksan, who presented to the students on aspects of soft tissue management in a dental bridge case.

We hope that by being exposed to weekly case presentations, students will continue their learning in clinical dentistry, and be well prepared to treat patients when they return to the clinic later in the semester. If any dentists from our local and overseas dental family would like to be involved in this project, please let us know.

A University of Puthisastra MD Graduate is now a staff doctor at Sunrise Japan Hospital

Dr. Lak Samnang, MD graduate and UP alumnus, shares his story on how he secured a position at Sunrise Japan Hospital, one of the best-known private hospitals in Cambodia. Dr. Samnang started his 8-year MD Program in the academic year 2012-2013. He knew from the beginning that to become a medical doctor, you need a lot of commitment. He considers UP as his birthplace of knowledge: “For the University of Puthisastra, the MD curriculum was not different from other private medical universities, but if we compare education quality and standards and the partner training centers and hospitals, UP is far superior”.

In November 2019, Dr. Samnang applied for his Surgery Internship Rotation at Sunrise Japan Hospital. The selection process to be accepted as an intern there, is different from other training hospitals in Cambodia, and he was required to submit his CV and a cover letter stating the reasons why he wanted to apply to the hospital.

Being an Intern at Sunrise Japan Hospital was not easy; he was in the hospital from the morning to the evening and he had to follow strictly all the rules and regulations of the hospital. He had the opportunity to enter the operation theater, and to assist and to take care of the patients in the surgical ward. He learnt different aspects of surgery, including gastroscopy, colonoscopy, treatment of bowel obstruction, percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography, neurosurgery. He had also the opportunity to attend many workshops and CME sessions. During his five months of Internship, Dr. Samnang showed knowledge, competence, and a good attitude. He says: “I had good communication with co-workers and all staff at the hospital, we discussed various cases and we even shared food”. Shortly after graduating, he was recruited as a staff doctor at Sunrise Japan Hospital.

The Faculty of Medicine is proud to have one of its graduates selected to work at Sunrise Japan Hospital!

UP Students Benefiting from English Classes

UP acknowledges that English is the international for success across the world – not only in health, IT technology and business but also most other fields.

Over the past 3 years UP has increased the number of hours students study English, much more than in most other health sciences universities. Students start extensive English classes in Foundation Year and continue until year 4. Classes are split depending on students’ English ability. This has been possible through the employment of many dedicated English teachers, and a commitment by UP to ensure that every student will have a good command of English on graduation. In today’s world, having English skills can be very beneficial in many ways, and UP students realize this. UP is also very proud to offer its English tuition FREE OF CHARGE to all UP students.

Recently several UP dental students were asked about why they think English should be an important part of their course. Here are some of their replies: “English is really important for when we do research, so we can read articles in journals and books, and write our thesis – and also so we can present our research at conferences” Somaly – year 5 student

“English is important for going on exchange programs to other countries, for communicating with foreign students, and for understanding lecturers from overseas” – Bunho – year 3 student

“One day I hope to do postgraduate study overseas. English is an international language and can be a bridge to a bright future. If we have a high level of English we will have more chance to get into a postgraduate program overseas” – Puthisa – year 5 student

Students and Lecturers’ Orientation

On 19 and 20 April 2021, The Department of Laboratory Sciences, University of Puthisastra conducted an orientation session to the ADL students Year 2, Year 3, and Lecturers in Semester 2 regarding UP’s policies (lecturers and students), distance teaching, online-teaching delivery platform, ongoing assessments while physical classes are suspended on the campus of UP, and Clerkship/Internship Program.

The orientation was supported by the participation of The Department of Laboratory Sciences’ Director, the Registrar Office, Acting Director of Teaching and Learning, Staffs, and Part-time lecturers which was delivered by the Google Meet platform.

As we are dealing with the challenges of COVID-19, we will try our best to make this semester work well and look forward to seeing its results.

UP dental students present their research at an international meeting

Recently two UP dental students Na Chihan and Chhim Chamroeun presented their research at the annual UiTM 2-day Dental Student Scientific Online Symposium in Malaysia. Their topic was “Infection risk and the corresponding need to implement preventive measures in dental offices in Cambodia”. The research was supervised by Assistant Professor Anand Marya and Dr Horn Rithvitou who are both lecturers at UP. During the competition, the students had to make a 10-minute oral presentation in front of the judges and audience, followed by 5 minutes of questions.

There were almost 100 entries in the competition – with presentations from Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, India, Thailand and Cambodia. UP hopes to send more students to present their research at both international and local conferences in the future.

Semester II orientation for lecturers and staff

Effective teaching requires developing supporting programs that encourage and enable teaching staff and students to perform at their best. The faculty orientation program is one of several initiatives that foster faculty development.

Orientation sessions comprised the Faculty Dean, representatives from registrar office, student affair office, teaching and learning office, HR office, lecturers, and other staff. The goals of the faculty orientation for both full timers and part time staff are focused on:

  1. the preparation for new semester,
  2. the training on online teaching delivery,
  3. the training on teaching and assessment methods,
  4. the strengthening of current assessment policy and related policies,
  5. updates about university expectations requirement and
  6. the payroll process.

Officially, the new semester at UP is starting from 19th of April 2021 via Google meet and UPOP. The orientation session will be an influential compass that lead to success outcomes for students, lecturers, university and community.

Semester II Orientation for students

Semester II Orientation for students Academic success is very important for students, schools, universities and communities. University needs to support students with a range of resources and services to help students achieve their goals.

Orientation program is one of the most common interventions that determines student retention and success rates regardless of gender, age, major, placement score, and employment status.

UP regularly conducts orientation programs for students at the beginning of each semester.

On the 12th of April 2021, semester II orientation sessions for year 2, year 3, year 4, and year 5 pharmacy students were conducted by Faculty Deans, representative from registrar office, student affair office, pharmacy faculties, lecturers, and other staff.

The orientation objectives are to guide UP students about career pathways, study program, practical work, clerkship/internship activities, study plans to achieve the learning outcomes at the end of the semester, year and the whole program, UP policies, club study experiences sharing in studying and careers from lecturers.

Orientation plays a very important role to help students to achieve their goals.


The UP Dental Clinic will be open one day per week to see emergency patients (this may change depending on demand). Patients must call the receptionist on 012 414 563 / 098 414 563 or contact us via our Facebook page (UP Dental Clinic) or by Telegram number 012 414 563 to make an appointment. This includes patients undergoing orthodontic treatment who have lost a bracket or wire.

Patients will be spaced to allow sufficient time to fully disinfect the clinical area between patients. Special measures are in place to prevent transmission of Covid-19, following MOH guidelines. Next week, Dental Clinic will be open on Tuesday and Thursday in the morning time.

Certificate Presentation Online Ceremony for MD Students who Successfully Attended UP Online Courses with International Experts

On 13 April 2021, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs organized an online Ceremony to congratulate and award certificates to the 6 students who successfully passed with a score above 70% the final exams of the Courses by Professor Jason Blackard on Viral genomic structure and replication (MD Yr 3) and by a Team of Canadian Experts on Cardiology and Nephrology (MD Yr 6)

Prof. Sandro Vento encouraged the students to continue to give to their studies the necessary importance and to take advantage of any opportunity to learn.

The Faculty of Medicine warmly congratulates Mr. Leng Sovannareah (MD Yr 3), Mr. Phoung Kean An (MD Yr 6), Mr. Seng Chhunkoung (MD Yr 6), Ms. Ching Chilym (MD Yr 6), Ms. Nhek Pichponreingsey (MD Yr6), and Ms. Seng Moonthida (MD Yr 6)

In response to the present Covid-19 emergency, most dental clinics have closed temporarily. A few are open for emergency patients only, including the UP Dental Clinic. There has been widespread concern in the dental community about the effects of Covid-19 on the practice of dentistry, and what the future will hold. In view of these concerns, the Oral Health Bureau at the MOH called a meeting last Thurday and invited dental professionals from all over the country to join a 5 hour online educational meeting.

Over 350 participants logged in to hear the presentations and participate in the discussions, including representatives from the MOH, Dental Council, Cambodian Dental Association, hospitals, universities, NGOs and private clinics.

The honourable guest was H.E Dr Oeurn Borarorth, Undersecretary of State at the MOH, who welcomed participants and made some introductory remarks to set the stage for the meeting. He stated that this was a very good opportunity for the invited experts, government personnel, academics, public and private dental clinicians, dental clinic managers and owners, and dental students to discuss the latest evidence-based guidelines, their concerns and how to plan for reopening their practices. Keynote speakers were Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Chher Tepirou (MOH) and Professor Hong Someth (UHS).

A number of UP Faculty of Dentistry staff and lecturers were involved in organising the event, and several shared their knowledge during the meeting and actively participated in the discussion. Some UP dental students also joined.

The two main areas of focus were the latest local and international guidelines for managing the dental clinic during Covid-19, and whether rapid testing for Covid-19 among dental patients should be introduced in Cambodia. Our thanks to all the UP dental staff and lecturers who helped make this event a big success.

Medical Laboratory Technology Student Biography

Biography: Mr. TY Kimyan,MLT student, The Department of Laboratory Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences & Biotechnology Mr. TY Kimyan, is a Medical Laboratory Technology student, Generation 9, in The Department of Laboratory Sciences, University of Puthisastra since 2020. He was a high school student within Phnom Penh Capital City.

He found out about the Medical Laboratory Technology major in an event called Science, Technology, Engineecring and Mathematics (STEM Festival) which had been celebrated in Phnom Penh since he was in high school. “I was visiting the festival and I saw some interesting laboratory material and equipment at the UP booth. That’s how I got my first interaction in this field. After two years of studying this major, I think it is one of the most important fields because Medical Laboratory Technology provides the clues that are the main key factors in the diagnosis and treatment of disease or injury, and laboratory professionals are the detectives of the healthcare world”, he said.

During his studies, he has also been involved with many of the department’s activities. He is busy with his studying but he also tries to spare his time for join department’s activities because he would like to:

  • learn more from the new activities.
  • sharing culture with the team.
  • has had experience with some of those activities before and would like to share his experience.


Recently Assoc Prof Jacob John from University of Malaya approached the UP Faculty of Dentistry about participating in a joint application to the Toyota Foundation 2021 International Grant Program Program for an inter-country study focused on geriatric dentistry in East and Southeast Asia.

The purpose of the grant program is to Cultivate Empathy Through Learning from Our Neighbors Practitioners’ Exchange on Common Issues in Asia.

Each project will be assessed on the basis of whether it meets five criteria:

  1. Great significance for society
  2. Anticipating internal and external issues
  3. Future-oriented
  4. Sustainable and developable
  5. Expected to have a ripple effect.

The oral health of the elderly is a growing issue in all Asian countries, and yet it has received little attention in most countries so far.

Japan, which has the oldest population in the world, is very advanced in addressing this issue, and other countries in the region can learn from their experiences. As the population of Cambodia ages, the elderly will have a growing need for dental care, which can often be complex, and complicated by their age and any health problems they may have.

At the same time dentists in Cambodia have limited training in geriatric and special care dentistry. This needs to be addressed through changes to the undergraduate dental curriculum.

The 6 countries in the joint application for funding for this project are Japan (Niigata University), Malaysia (Uni of Malaya), Mongolia, Thailand (Khon Kaen University), Indonesia (Universitas Indonesia) and Cambodia (UP and MOH). The Cambodian part of the project will be lead by two Adjunct Associate Professors from UP (Dr Hak Sithan and Dr Chher Tepirou) who are also in charge of oral health at the Ministry of Health. Other UP personnel who will be involved are Prof Callum Durward (Dean), Dr Kong Kalyan, Dr Khom Pisal, and Dr Horn Rithvitou. It is expected that some UP dental students will also be involved in the data collection.

The study (if the application is successful) will include developing a common teaching module in geriatric dentistry (which can be used across East and SE Asia), exploring barriers to oral health care for the elderly, and identifying treatment needs through a survey of oral health of those over 65 years of age. UP has already engaged previously in two studies related to the elderly in Cambodia and their oral health, and we will be building on the results of those studies.

UP is very excited to be partnering in this important area of research with leading dental schools from neighboring countries, as it has the potential to greatly benefit the older population of Cambodia in the coming decades.

UP’s Faculty of Nursing introduces Customer Care Service in Hospital Course

UP is one of first universities in Cambodia to offer CPD nursing training. Nursing professionals are embracing UPs Continuous Professional Development (CPD), to improve their skills and patient care outcomes.

The Faculty of Nursing has been working with experts both in Cambodia and overseas to provide CPD training to Cambodian nurses.

Joining the courses was made easy, by providing links on UP’s Facebook pages and sending out invites via UP email. The courses were provided both online and face-to-face when COVID-19 conditions allowed.

Introducing Customer Care Service in Hospital Course that will take place on the 8th May 2021. Register now via the following link: https://forms.gle/szdb2o23Ciaqr25z9

For more information, please contact Mr. Leap Phana via email: lphana@puthisastra.edu.kh or telephone: 085 809 045/012 588 076


Last week staff from the Faculty of Dentistry and UP Dental Clinic received their second vaccination. They are very grateful to UP for making this possible, since dental clinic staff are a higher risk group for contracting Covid-19, given their exposure to patients attending the dental clinic. Once UP opens again, our clinic can open again with confidence, as not only will all the staff be vaccinated, but we also have some of the strictest cross infection control measures of any clinic in Cambodia.