UP VOICE VOL.48 – September 2020

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I am delighted to give you some excellent news: -following a successful inspection visit by the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sport (MOEYS) and lots of work behind the scenes at UP, I can now confirm that we will be physically reopening our campus to all students and staff on 21st September 2020.

The University of Puthisastra (UP) was deeply honored on 9th September 2020, to welcome an official inspection and MOU signing led by H.E Yok Ngoy, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MOEYS) and delegates for the reopening of the University of Puthisastra. UP is now set to reopen and extend the warmest welcome to our students on the 21st of September 2020. His Excellency the Secretary of State, and MOEYS delegates praised the university’s preparations and were very pleased, following their personal examination of the excellent implementation of the new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and other health, hygiene and safety measures required by the Ministry and Royal Government of Cambodia.

MOEYS also praised UP’s commitment to COVID-19 education and information. The MOEYS delegation were also very pleased with their inspection of UP’s online learning systems which have allowed almost 15,000 hours of online learning and assessment to continue during the last 6 months of lockdown. UP would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to H.E. the Secretary of State and the other delegates for spending their valuable time to visit and inspect our university. We are delighted to announce that UP exceeded MOEYS very high standards in keeping staff and students safe, and we are proud to announce that UP will be reopening very soon.

UP is one of the first universities in Cambodia to be allowed to reopen. We are really looking forward to welcoming both students and staff back to campus – UP has been very quiet without you. We know from all the messages you sent to us in the last six months that you’ve missed us. We have missed you too!

Our return to campus marks a move into a new era of teaching and learning. Fortunately, UP has led the way in Cambodia with online learning and we will continue to do so, because providing students with the best possible education remains our number one priority.

Everyone at UP is looking forward to extending our warmest welcome to our students when they return to campus. We are excited to move into a new era of teaching and learning that will take place with the highest standards of hygiene and safety practices in place to combat any risk of COVID-19 transmission.

WHAT’S UP ON CAMPUS -16-17-18 September 2020, pchum ben days                              -24 september 2020, constitutional day

UP Faculty of Pharmacy Launched Outcomes Based Assessment Project

Assessment is defined by the process of gathering and discussing information from multiple and diverse sources in order to develop a deep understanding of what students know, understand, and can do with their knowledge as a result of their educational experiences; the process culminates when assessment results are used to improve subsequent learning. Lecturers or instructors might use different methods to assess students to what extent they have achieved their study. There is a variety of assessments and the lecturers manage these options differently. While traditional assessment does not provide enough information and mainly focus on the assignment rather than the learning outcomes, outcomes based assessment gives us a reliable framework for measuring tangible outcomes for students and communicating these outcomes clearly with others.

The key role of faculties is ensure the quality of education in their institution. When faculty are directly engaged in assessment of student learning outcomes, a number of specific benefits can emerge. Faculty can design instruction to target the knowledge and skill levels students should have upon finishing a course and better determine the levels of thinking or reasoning appropriate for the course and identify direction for future development. Because assessment can provide reliable and objective data on student learning, faculty can rely less on the comments that appear on student evaluations as indicators of their success in teaching. Faculty can engage in more productive conversations about the status of student learning success and can make better and reliable decisions about how it might be improved about the innovative pedagogy.

Currently, assessment in education becomes challenging as our faculty capacity is very concerned and human resource in this related field is so limited. As the result, the Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Puthisastra (UP) launched a one year project on Outcomes Based Assessment from September 01, 2020. This project is established in the purpose of developing faculty capacity on how to design a reliable framework to measuring tangible outcomes for learning and teaching within the university. This project is led by the dean of Faculty of Pharmacy with the participation from local and international academicians.

  1. Dr. Chea Sin, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Puthisastra, Cambodia
  2. Prof. Yashwant Pathak, Associate Dean for Faculty Affair, University of South Florida, USA
  3. Mr. Chhea Sophearom, Assistant Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Puthisastra, Cambodia
  4. Ms. Andrea Burke Ryan, Dean of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Puthisastra, Cambodia
  5. Mr. Tan Chantrea, Head of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Puthisastra, Cambodia
  6. Mr. Boy Vibol, Teaching and Learning Coordinator, University of Puthisastra, Cambodia
  7. Mr. Sreng Nalen, Pharmacy Officer, University of Puthisastra, Cambodia
  8. Mr. Sor Darayuth, Rotation Pharmacy Officer, University of Puthisastra, Cambodia

Ongoing planning and assessment will be engaged to ensure each academic program can develop and assess student learning outcomes specifying the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. The project starts with curriculum development of the training and finish with the implementation and evaluation of the training.


On 11th September 2020 UP hosted the officially signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Deep Clean Cat and the University of Puthisastra.

On 11th September 2020 UP hosted the officially signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Deep Clean Cat and the University of Puthisastra.The MoU was signed by Mr. Semouthy Cheat, Founder of Deep Clean Cat (DCC), and Professor Ian Findlay, President and Vice-Chancellor of UP. Further present were Mr. Kourosh Aghassi from DCC and Mr. Ouk Soksereivotanak and Dr. Richard Huijbregts from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology at UP.

The MoU provides a cooperative framework for the University of Puthisastra (UP) and Deep Clean Cat (DCC) and discussions are currently underway on how to progress this collaboration.

Hygiene and Safety

Measures at UP

Hygiene and Safety

Measures at UP

General Measures for UP staff

To support a safe return to campus, UP has created a wide variety of visuals for best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While UP has deployed signs around campus, individual departments and faculties may use signs and visual cues as needed for their spaces.

UP has designated certain building doors as entry or exit only and certain stairwells as up or down only to manage traffic flow and promote physical distancing. The University also provides hand sanitizers and alcohol sprays that have been deployed across campus.

1.How will employees know when they need to return to on-campus?

  • In general, all academic and non-academic staff will return to Campus on 21st September. Some exceptions include online delivery from academic staff from home.
  • Employees should return to Campus on 21st September unless they have received alternate specific communication from their HoDs/Deans. HoDs/Deans will advise the anticipated date of return to on-campus work, including a timeline to prepare for that transition.
  • UP has created return to workplace plans to include accounting for the number of personnel in the department, physical work setting to allow for proper social distancing, work activities needing to be prioritized, and level of service needed to provide as campus opens from 21st September, 2020.

2.What if I want to return to campus earlier than my HoDs/Deans tells me I can?

  • HoDs/Deans will be managing priorities and will determine return to campus timelines for staff and faculties on several different factors but most importantly keeping a healthy and safe environment.

3.What if my department isn’t busy or HoD/Dean doesn’t have much work for me?

  • September and October are usually quieter times at UP so all staff are encouraged to take annual leave during these months. All leave will continue to be approved by HoD/Dean.

4.What if I am in a high-risk group for Covid-19 or care for a household family member?

  • Employees are not required to disclose if they are in a high-risk category based upon preexisting medical condition. If an employee considers himself/herself to be high-risk for Covid-19 and have concerns, they should discuss their circumstances with their HoDs/Deans.
  • HoDs/Deans, in coordination with HR Department, will work with employees who are requesting accommodations to care for self or a family member.

5.What are the basic requirements to be aware of in returning to on-campus work?

  • All employees must have their temperatures checked and will sign in confirming that they agree with COVID requirements when entering the campus.
  • Masks must be worn by all individuals in all buildings at UP. Please note that it will not be required when unsafe due to an individual medical condition/working alone/ alone inside an individual office or eating and drinking
  • Employees are required to wear masks when 1.5 meters of another person, when in group settings in the workplace or where social distancing of at least 1.5 meters is not feasible.
  • Employees must comply with social distancing, and when such distancing is not feasible, employees should notify their HoDs/Deans.
  • Employees are also asked to self-screen before going to work for any new or worsening symptoms of possible Covid-19
  • Frequent handwashing
  • Some areas at UP such as Dental Clinic/laboratories have their own specific additional requirements which must be followed.

General Measures for UP staff

6.Will employees be allowed to travel for business purposes during the return to on-campus?

  • Non-essential business domestic and international travel is not allowed at this time.

7.Will telework options remain available?

  • UP will continue to offer temporary telework options to some staff as an option to continue working, as directed by their HoDs/Deans.
  • During temporary remote work options, employees should be available during normal business hours to perform their regular tasks, as well as to attend meetings virtually.

8.What will UP’s response be should someone on campus become ill due to Covid-19?

  • UP asks all employees to self-monitor daily before coming to work and requires employees to stay home when not well and to follow return to work protocol of being symptom and fever-free for at least 72 hours.
  • If an employee develops symptoms whilst at work, they should go to UPs First Aid Room for evaluation.
  • UP will work to isolate the area of exposure and follow guideline to clean and disinfect areas used by ill employees

9.What if I am not comfortable coming to work due to possible exposure?

  • Employees should bring their concerns to their HoDs/Deans and discuss options available to support the work needing to be done while supporting health and safety of our employees.
  • HR can also provide support in facilitating conversations with HoDs/deans and employees to determine needs and accommodations available to meet those needs (Possible accommodations may range from continuing telework arrangements, to possible schedule rotations or alternating employee days in the office…)

10.What should an employee do if they suspect a co-worker of being ill and reporting to on-campus work?

  • Employees who suspect an employee is ill should encourage the employee to go home as soon as possible and ask them to notify their HoDs/Deans.
  • Any concerns should be reported to your HoDs/Deans even if the employee is not in your department.

11.What options are available to return employees to on campus work when space is limited, and social distancing is not possible?

  • When thinking through the workspace, your HoD/Dean will consider creative options to ensure social distancing including alternative workspaces, work hours, work schedules that include alternate workdays and allowing individuals who can continue to telework to do so.