UP VOICE VOL.109 – April 2023

The Official Newsletter of the University of Puthisastra (UP) Vol.109 for April 2023 Download

Lok Chumteav Cham Krasna, CEO of Soma Group and a member of UP’s Board of Trustees uthisastra, presided over the opening ceremony of the 2023 foundation year orientation day, which was held at University Puthisastra.

Krasna said “Our mission is to produce healthcare professionals who are skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate. We believe that with the right education and training, our graduates will be able to help solve the challenges facing Cambodia’s healthcare and ICT system.”.

The Big Launch also included the Lboktor performance, Blessing dance, UP uniform presentation, UP campus tours, and workshops from seniors for all our new 550 new intake students.

UP’s Foundation Year Welcomes Its Students to New Academic Year: 2022-2023

UP’s Foundation Year arranged a three-day orientation (14th through 16th March with a support day on the 17) to welcome its new students, The aim is to ensure that our students transition well into university, get ready for the intensive weeks and adventure ahead.

A variety of use-fun activities and sessions were introduced to a total of around 475 students. These sessions included Selfie Scavenger Hunt, Information on IT Services, Introduction to UPOP and Student Services, overview on UP’s Assessment and Attendance Policies and Payment Process, Introduction to academic integrity/ honesty, and Overview of FY program and English.

From the laughter and smiles worn on the students’ faces, the program made memorable and useful moments for the students.

When asked how they found the orientation program, in particular the initially introduced activity ‘Selfie Scavenger Hunt’, a group of 6 students, who were actively engaging in this activity, said that it was tiring, but interesting and important, as they had to take selfies around the campus, while this was done with the purpose of getting them familiar with the overall atmosphere of the university and the offices. Following the orientation week, the students had to join the intensive weeks (a three-week long program). Three courses have been introduced during these weeks: Academic Skills Development (ASD), Computer Applications (CA), and First Aid (FY).

UP invests in laboratories

UP continues to invest in laboratories to improve the teaching quality and upgrade research capacity, Last week saw the arrival of new pieces of equipment that will upgrade laboratories to become practical and research centers that respond to national and international curriculum. In particular this equipment will boost medicinal plant research activities and expand the practice of pharmaceutical technology.

Below are the new equipment that just arrived.
• #1. Kjeldahl systems, which are Distillation Unit, Simi-digester Unit, SMS scrubber, and JP Water Vacuum. This system will be used for the determination of protein content in a wide range of samples. This apparatus is used in medicinal plant-based practice and research activities.
• #2. Tablet Hardness Testing is a tool used to determine the strength and durability of tablets. This apparatus will be used for pharmaceutical technology, quality control, and research activities.
• #3. Tungsten lamps for HPLC, which will be added to our existing HPLC to widen the capacity of the detector.

Medical Students Participated in an Emergency Workshop at Khon Kaen University, Thailand

8 medical students participated in a Cardiovascular emergency and general emergency Workshop organized by the Faculty of Medicine at Khon Kaen University, Thailand.

The workshops were part of the 5-days program of the International Competition in Emergency Medicine 2023 (ICEM 2023). Participants were from Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia.

The students were divided into small groups and rotated between various stations: Abnormal Heart Sounds, Arrhythmias, Heart Blocks, Emergency Cardiovascular X-ray, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Advanced Airway Management.

UP Signs MOU with Thammasat University and Global Child Dental Fund

Recently UP (represented by Prof Ian Findlay) signed an MOU with the Global Child Dental Fund (represented by Prof Raman Bedi from the UK) and the Faculty of Dentistry, Thammasat University (represented by the Dean A/Prof Sutee Suksudaj) with the aim of establishing academic and clinical programs to teach dental professionals in Cambodia about how to manage common Special Care Dentistry scenarios, and empowering them to feel more confident when treating patients with disabilities and special needs. The MOU states that the three partners will work together to achieve these aims, part of which will involve Cambodian dental students and dentists visiting Thammasat University to undergo training.

The MOU signing ceremony was held online between UP and Thammasat, which Professor Raman Bedi was visiting for the occasion. The Global Child Dental Fund has been working in Cambodia for many years supporting projects which promote child dental health, and last year produced a booklet (in Khmer) on Special Care Dentistry which is available for Cambodian dental students and dentists. It has also recently (with involvement from UP and other universities in the region) produced a series of educational videos on Special Care Dentistry.

MOU Signing Ceremonies of University of Puthisastra with Cambodia Association of Medical Technologist and N Health Cambodia

On March 17 and 22, 2023, there were MOU signing ceremonies between the University of Puthisastra and two institution which is Cambodia Association of Medical Technologist (CAMT) and N Health Cambodia respectively.

Professor Ket Vansith, CAMT, and Mr. Nathakorn Wimonsittipong, N Health Cambodia with Professor Ian Findlay, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Puthisastra agreed to sign MOU and work hand in hand together in terms of technical training and get exchanged experiences through this MOU. The purpose of this MOU is to ensure the quality of training at the standard level by collaborating, providing knowledge, and experience on laboratory techniques, and sharing specific visions for future cooperation between the University of Puthisastra and the two partner institutions.

UP Dentistry Congratulates Three New Scholarship Students

Following applications from many Foundation Year Students, three have been awarded scholarships to study dentistry at UP. They are Ms Nob Channetra, Ms Khy Mouykhim and Ms Thol Tharath. They are shown here with our Deputy Dean A/Prof Soeun Sopharith, and Assistant Dean Dr Kong Kalyan. Congratulations and welcome to the Faculty of Dentistry.


Trying to get a great job post-graduation without an internship on the resume is like baking a cake without flour. These are global times, so the professional world that awaits upon student graduation becomes increasingly interconnected. In addition, in this digital economy technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds. Not surprisingly then, employers increasingly seek workers who have both cross-cultural competence and cutting-edge technical skills.

One of the best ways to prepare students for this global marketplace is to intern abroad, especially for those who curious or ambitious about the big world out there. During this upcoming summer break, 20 pharmacy students from year 3, year 4 and year 5 are going to KKU (Khon Kaen University) in Thailand for their one-month internship. It is a great opportunity for UP students as both university ranked top 25 in the Southeast Asia, according to the Times Higher Education (THE).

Students will intern in 4 sectors namely community pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, research and development (R&D), and Pharmaceutical Technology. Poul Philip, the class monitor from year 4 said he is really looking forward to it – excitedly telling us that interning abroad is an opportunity to learn about new people and cultures, taste delicious new foods, and make lasting memories whereas gaining more professional experience.

Equipped with pre-departure internship advice from the faculties, our students seem to be ready for this exciting journey. Go show off your talent on the global stage and bring back home some amazing international experiences, students! Remember your goal and keep your mind open to changes and the unexpected


On March 20, 2023, Professor Dr. Narin Chansri, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Khon Kaen, and Professor Yaowared Chulikhit, Associate Dean gave a warm welcome to twenty pharmacy students from the University of Puthisastra. This internship will begin from March 20 and end on April 20 of 2023. The University of Puthisastra has sent pharmacy students to Khon Kaen University’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science for an internship nine times now, with an emphasis on four areas: community pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, research and development (R&D), and pharmaceutical Technology.


The Faculty of Dentistry is pleased to announce that they have signed an MOU with City of London Dental School based in the UK to offer post-graduate courses for dentists in Cambodia. Last week their representative in Asia Dr Ari Harsoputranto (Director of Octacademy) from Jakarta, visited UP to discuss collaboration between the two institutions. UP is the top CPD provider in Cambodia and with the signing of this MOU we aim to offer more internationally accredited courses. We are currently planning for courses in Implantology and Orthodontics and hope to provide more updates soon.

The City of London Dental School is an independent dental school which provides online blended postgraduate dental courses and degrees from the UK. It offers an extensive range of programs which are continually expanding and evolving through feedback from the dental profession, striking a fine balance between academic achievement and clinical training. They offer an extensive range of MSc degree program titles that have been validated and developed specifically for online delivery by the University of Bolton.


In the month of November 2022 UP had signed an academic MOU with Saveetha Dental College in India. In the latest QS Rankings Saveetha Dental College has moved up 5 places to be ranked 13th in the world.

UP is proud to put forward the fact that both UP and Saveetha college are ranked Number 1 in dentistry in their respective countries. Over the past few years Saveetha Dental College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, has become one of the finest institutions in the world with a unique curriculum that is a spectacular fusion of the best practices of the East and West. The college has over 9000 Scopus publications making it the highest-publishing dental college in the world.

Recently Assoc Professor Anand Marya, the UP Head of Orthodontics who is a visiting Professor at Saveetha Dental College, had an online meeting with them in which the institution offered to take undergraduate students for an academic exchange program and observership. This is an opportunity for our students to visit one of the world’s most well-known and best dental schools.

Also, during the meeting UP was offered to send their graduates to do full-time Masters programs on full scholarships. This would again be a very good opportunity to specialize at one of the highest-ranked dental schools in the world.

UP Science Research Student Year 1 Batch 3 Orientation

On March 16, 2023, the Faculty of Health Sciences and Biotechnology, in collaboration with the Foundation Year Department, organized an orientation for the Science Research Year 1 Batch 3. The purpose of this event is to build good relationships with students and share information related to the Science Research program, as well as job opportunities after graduating with a Bachelor of Science Research. At this event, there was the presence of faculty members, along with volunteers from the first and second batches of Science Research students.

The Faculty of Medicine Welcomes New Batch of Students

On 16th March 2023, Professor Sandro Vento, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, and Dr. Thao Titya, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, welcomed 131 new medical students starting their Foundation Year, and provided an orientation session outlining the most important information related to academic life, teaching, learning and assessment methods. The students asked many questions. The Faculty of Medicine wishes them to be successful in their MD program!

Nursing Students and hospital Clerkship and internships

All nursing students have Clerkship and internship at hospitals to practice their skills after they finish theory class.

Bachelor degree students have clerkship at the hospital for one month in year 2 for semester 2 and Internship have 3 months in year 4 for Semester 2.

Associate Degree students have clerkship at the hospital have one month in year 2 for semester 2 and internship have 3 months in year 3 for semester 2.

During students’ practicum at the hospital, they will rotate to different areas of the hospital to gain a well-rounded set of experiences. It is expected that they will be using all of their nursing knowledge and skills, learned through their nursing education to provide a high quality of care to patients and their families. It is also expected that they will develop the behaviors and professionalism required of nursing students about to graduate into their chosen profession.

Health education in the community

On March 27th, 2023, UP’s Dept of Nursing led 11 third generation undergraduate students to visit the community in Veal Thom village, Peam Ok Nha Ong commune, Lavear Em district, Kandal province.

Students achieved extensive practice in community nursing – which is different from the hospital nursing as the hospital has individual patients, whereas community nursing cares and heals the whole family. This community internship highlights the learning and teaching of students to use common sense.

It also help strengthen the capacity of nursing students to work with real life actual illnesses and provides education to the villagers to prevent various diseases, demonstrating that nurses play an important role in Patient health care.

And it is an important time for medical training students to gain experience and apply their knowledge, skills and attitudes before they become graduate nurses.

UP’s Faculty of Pharmacy provided training on High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

UP’s Faculty of Pharmacy conducted training on High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and its application in Pharmaceutical Sciences on 22nd March 2023, venue Hall H to UP staff.

HPLC is a state of the art modern instrument with high technology and is one of the most expensive instruments that UP has invested in. HPLC has many benefits and advantages not only in the field of pharmaceutical Sciences but in Medicine, Health Science, Laboratory, Chemistry, Food, Cosmetic, Environment as well.

The purpose of our training was to introduce the benefits of this new technology across wider UP to promote benefits for further studies, teaching and research activities.

Faculty of Pharmacy provided a training on Ex-Physio and Ex-Pharm software.

A brief training course on “Ex-Physio and Ex-Pharm” electronic systems was conducted by Mr. Heim Mengkhim, a full-time lecturer. The goal of this training is to spread awareness of the advantages of the above electronic systems among all co-workers, particularly those in the field of health sciences, to improve how physiology and pharmacology applications are used. Also, students from all disciplines in the field of health sciences can use this electronic software applications Ex-Physio and Ex-Pharm to study and learn more about research.

English Lecturer Bio 2023

Bio- Charles Crush

English Lecturer | Nationality, USA | Alma Mater: Virginia Tech I taught for 7 years in Henan Province, China. 2009-2016. First at Shengda College, then at Zhengzhou University. Since 2016, I have held various positions here in Cambodia, mainly at the high school level. My hobbies are Language Studies, history, and writing. I enjoy Jazz and 80’s pop music. I enjoy helping students develop their talents and achieve their dreams.

Bio – Sade Lagerdien

My name is Sade Lagerdien, and I have joined the Faculty of English and Employability as an English Lecturer. I grew up in South Africa, where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminology from the University of Pretoria, before completing my Honors Degree in Counseling Psychology at the University of South Africa. During my studies I felt the calling to the teaching profession, and so completed a diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I am passionate about helping others, and bringing out the best in students.

I am excited to bring my passion, commitment, and skills to the English and Employability Department, as well as the University of Puthisastra as a whole.


Andre’s educational background is in human health, wellbeing, and environmental resilience. He has a Diploma in Law and Security from Georgian College, a Diploma in Nonprofit and Volunteer Sector Management from Ryerson University, a Certificate in Disaster Risk Management from the World Bank, a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Environmental Studies from York University – research focus in Human Settlements and Population, a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies – research in urban planning and community development, a PhD (all but dissertation) in Human Geography from the University of Ottawa – research with Cambodian indigenous peoples and resource management. Andre’s professional career has spanned over 25 years working with communities and the natural world. He has published articles, worked in all levels of government within Canada, and at several NGOs and academic institutions in Cambodia. His advocacy work has focused on wildlife, 2SLGBTQ+, and indigenous peoples.

UP Dental Students Join World Oral Health Day Celebrations with CDA

On March 17th and 18th, Dr. Suorn Monika, the past President of the Cambodian Dental Association led a group of dental students from University of Puthisastra and the other dental schools to carry out activities in celebration of World Oral Health Day in Kampong Thom Province. The theme of the World Oral Health Day this year is “Be Proud of your Mouth”.

On the 1st day, oral health education was provided, and toothpaste and toothbrushes distributed to children and teachers at Ta Ok primary school.

On the 2nd day, the program started in the early morning at Hun Sen Primary School. The team led by Dr. Monika provided instructions on how to brush the teeth correctly, followed by distribution of toothpaste and toothbrushes to students and teachers. In addition, children from grades 4, 5, and 6 received fluoride applications, and children from grades 1, 2, and 3 were provided with fissure sealants.
The UP dental students enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of a team providing oral health care services to our community. They also made good connections with dental students from the other faculties of dentistry in Cambodia.

UP women attend AMCHAM Workshop: Initiatives to Support Women in the Workplace

In honor of International Women’s day, the American Chamber of Commerce hosted a panel discussion on Initiatives to Support Women in the Workplace.

Female staff from UP’s English and other department, attended this empowering panel discussion on the 10th of March. The morning started off with a light breakfast, followed by the start of the panel discussion.

Throughout the discussion, panelists highlighted their initiatives on how to empower women in the workplace by addressing topics such as the gender pay gap, supporting female staff in management, and having policies within the workplace that promote a more gender-inclusive work environment.

It was a thought-provoking morning, and the English Department felt empowered and motivated when leaving the panel. We would like to thank the organizers and sponsors for such an amazing event to celebrate our women in the workplace.