The University of Puthisastra (UP) hosts its very first, university wide Career Conference, involving staff and students across all faculties. With the strong turnout by both graduates and the industry, there are already plans to turn this into a yearly event. The Careers Conference demonstrates UP’s commitment towards strengthening its partnerships with international as well as domestic brand names, from both the healthcare and the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industries. It also showcases UP graduates who are job ready from Day 1. This Conference is designed to enable UP graduates and connect them with potential employers, who are outstanding brand names in their respective industries.

UP is delighted to have the following sponsors taking part in the Careers Conference: Diethelm Keller Siber Hegner (D.K.S.H.) (Platinum), Eng. Go Dental Supply Company (Gold), iOne (Silver Plus Event Partner), and Dynamic Pharma Co. Ltd (Silver). Sponsors are leaders of industry, some of which are multinationals with offices worldwide. The Careers Conference will feature workshops, a discussion forum and a job fair. In the workshops, the following topics will be covered: interview skills, developing quality curriculum vitae, critically important employment skills and soft-skills such as critical thinking and communication, and professional networking.

Aside from learning how to pen a good curriculum vitae that would showcase their competencies effectively and how to present themselves for a successful job interview, graduates will also reinforce skills making them a safe bet for future employment. Graduates will also learn how to make the best of professional networking opportunities. The Conference will also feature a Leadership Workshop where participants will learn how to improve their employability skills, enabling them to be good workers and better leaders. Other workshops will also present aspects of work life in local conglomerates and multinational companies, and a panel discussion to help the graduates understand recruitment criteria of potential employers – enabling UP graduates to get the best jobs and the highest salaries. These are extremely valuable platforms that will align graduates’ aspirations and job expectations with those of the prospective employers.

The forum also provides information about the current industry trends, in order to guide job seekers towards making the best possible decision for their future careers. The Career Conference aligns the gap between the expectations of job seekers and potential employers – paving the way for a lower risk of job change within a short time and a more successful recruitment exercise for employers who will find it easier to hire the right skilled candidate for their vacancies.

“UP has a long and proud history of working closely with industry to help ensure graduates have both the hard and soft skills that industry needs. The Career Conference is one of the many events that reflect our commitment to our partners and our students”, said Professor Ian Findlay, President and Vice-Chancellor of UP.