UP Medicine Faculty presents The importance of publications in international medical journals

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Sandro Vento, with the assistance of the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Thao Titya, in the last two weeks delivered lectures (initially both in classroom and online, subsequently online only) to all the MD year 4-8 students (involved in hospital clerkships or internships) outlining the importance of publications in international peer-reviewed medical journals with impact factor for institutions (universities and hospitals) and individuals (doctors and students).

After explaining how journals are ranked, he also illustrated an example of a published case report and explained how interesting cases can be identified and reported. The Faculty of Medicine hopes that the students, in collaboration with their mentors in the various training hospitals, will be motivated to identify interesting patient cases that can be submitted to international medical journals for possible publication. By doing so, MD students will not only contribute to raise the profile of both the University and the Hospitals but will also reflect on the diagnosis and management of difficult clinical cases.