The huge improvements that UP is making to healthcare education has now been internationally recognized – UP is now the top university in Cambodia according to The UNIPAGE World University Rankings (https://www.unipage.net/en/universities?country=114).

The UNIPAGE World University Rankings recognizes UP’s exciting initiatives of:

  • Ongoing curriculum improvement to World Standard
  • Embedded English language (the language of Health) into the curricula – free of charge
  • Communication skills – critical to effectively care for patients
  • Critical thinking and soft-skills courses from Year 2. Essential skills for 21st Century
  • Essential Anatomy is now installed in new computers in the UP Library. Free of charge.
  • Free fast WIFI & upgraded computers and projectors
  • Many visiting international experts delivering world best-practice knowledge and skills
  • International visits for students and staff – giving students world-class experiences
  • Dedicated Learning and Teaching department – to improve curricula, improve our teaching and provide modern teaching methods
  • Dedicated Research Hub – to maximize student research opportunities
  • Learning lounge and Career Corner – to maximize student success
  • Brand new eLearning Centre

UP at the top of the rank in the UNIPAGE World University Rankings means that UP students are now recognized
internationally and have much better opportunities to study and train abroad.

UP offers English program from the dedicated Faculty of English and Employability which is a special feature of UP because it is an extra value-added service to all UP degree students. UP specializes in providing students with a high proficiency in English – the international language of Health and IT and the language of International success. This gives UP graduates a huge UP advantage when working in an international environment or with multinational organizations. UP provides this intensive health-focused English program free of charge.

UP looks forward to seeing UP graduates becoming health care Leaders not just in Cambodia but across the World. We are delighted in the progress that UP is being recognized across the World as well as making a real difference to Cambodian lives.

This is great news for all UP students and staff, not only that but we are making UP even better! Some very exciting developments in coming weeks!

There is no better time to be studying at UP!

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