The Visit with Medical Students

On 23th February 2016, President of University of Puthisastra, Mr. Kith Chankrisna and his staff had a speech with 17 medical students. Among of these students, 16 students will participate in exchange program as well as visit at Khon Kaen, Thailand for three weeks.Besides that, there is also a medical student going to take internship at National University of Singapore, Singapore in March.

In this event, Mr. President also shared his experience to all students about how to prepare for success in study as well as this internship.

Especially, he also encourages students to prepare themselves to be role models and study hard in order to get experience, knowledge, reputation, and appreciation from partner universities as they are supposed to be potential human resources in developing health sector in the future.

Moreover, Mr. President also wishes all students safe travel, both departure and return, to destination country.

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