Sharing Experiences and Knowledge about Success in Business

On November 07th, 2015, Mr Kith Chan Krisna, the president of University of Puthisastra, joined the sharing experiences workshop as a guest speaker in job exhibition 2015 at Koh Pich.

He shared his past successful experiences and leadership as well as mentioned about the job opportunities especially to all students. Furthermore, he also suggested that all students should improve their English ability and technology field (IT) along with their major field in order to be well-prepared for Asian integration which comes in the near future.

The president also added that if we want to be successful business people, we have to start from a single small task with a good behavior, work hard, and patience; moreover, we must try our best to work and exhaust all our potential to accomplish tasks, no matter how big or small it is.

Not everyone is born to be a successful person because success never comes to those who do nothing. We also need to learn from our mistakes and considered it as experiences in order to change that habit and strengthen ourselves to be a better person.

Being knowledgeable and moral is considered as a main factor which also play very important role. Good behavior and morality inspire people to work well with their teamwork who have different personalities.

He emphasized that power of corporation plays a very significant role that leads to the progress and development to institution that they’re working on.

After this sharing interesting experience, there were many students asked many questions to him. In addition, in this sharing knowledge and experiences workshop about success in business were also joined by the manager of Vorak Khmer Angkor and the manager of Lyly enterprise as well.

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