To be a great university we need great Learning and Teaching – that’s what a University is for. So the University of Puthisastra has officially launched its dedicated Department of Learning and Teaching. The move comes as the university seeks to improve its curricula to World Standards and implement modern teaching and learning across UP. Better Learning and Teaching = better student outcomes = better and higher paid jobs. The department is currently led by Mr. KAING Sopheap who majored in Educational Sciences from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium.

Sopheap is driving the following projects : 1. Learning design and pedagogy – how do we make learning easier and more productive 2. Academic quality, compliance, and benchmarking – to ensure highest academic standards 3. Academic governance – to ensure that academic decision making is the best it can be 4. Professional development – to ensure that our teachers are the best they can be. 5. Develop quality indicators for learning and teaching – how do we know we are doing a good job, and what can we improve?