Press Release “Screening for Charity”

On February 15th, 2014, University of Puthisasra coorporated with Cambodian Youth Art, Cambodian Women Entrepreneur Association, and Cambodia Life hosted a press release on Screening for Charirty which will be held on March 09th, 2014 at Chaktomuk Conference Hall.

Today, University of Puthisastra is absolutely glad and excited to host this press release on Screen for Charity which will be held on March 09th, and we are trying our best to make such an important event a successful one.` said Mr. Sok Puthyvuth, President of University of Puthisastra. He added, University of Puthisastra is very proud to host this big event and would like to thank partners and supporters for their kind assistance and corporations. The purpose of this charity event is to spread out and promote our culture of sharing to the next generation. As for this time, the hosted event is to support hundreds underprivileged and disabled Cambodian children who are in need of food, clothes and study materials. Fifty percents of the profit from selling movie tickets, T-shirts, paints, handicrafts, tranditional clothes will be donated to children of Light House Oganization, which is located in Sangkat Prek Pra, Khan Mean Chey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Mrs. Seng Takakneary, the founder and Managing Director of Sentosasilk and President of the Cambodia Women Entrepreneur Association also commented that this is the first time that Cambodian Entrepreneur Women Association has cooperated with University of Puthisatra, Cambodian Youth Art, and Cambodia Life to hold this charity event.

Helping each other is a great culture of sharing for our entire society. Seeing the value of this kind of event, Screening for Charity has been created to raise funds for the orphans who really need our help.

What is more special is that this charity event is also created to celebrate International Women’s Right Day. In the name of women, I am very proud to see that women have a good living and and give back in the form of charity to the society. The donation will bring about good education for our children who, due to their unfortunate conditions, have been deprived of it.

Mrs. Chea Savy, Director of Light House Organization also gave us some information about Light House. ‘Nowadays, we have 110 orphans.  We are trying to support them with necessary every day needs such as shelter, food, study materials, clothes, means to send them to public schools. Other than that, language, dancing and computer classes are also provided. However, to make it sustainable, this organization really need help from donors.

Mr. Men Vuth, HR and Legal Senior Executive of Cambodia Life insurance company also emphasized that this event had sent a good educational message for people from one generation to another. Besides, Screening for Charity doesn’t promote only charitable acts but also Khmer films and Khmer Arts to public. Your donation will build the better future human resource for Cambodia.

On March 9th, 2014, Screening for Charity will be open for public audience and donors for four times. The first one will start at 8:30 AM, second is at 10:30 AM, and third is at 1:00 PM. The last screening will be at 3:00 PM for only VIP guests.

This event is hosted by University of Puthisastra in cooperation with Soma Group, Sandab Tailor, Palm Film Production, Cambdian Living Art, Maestria, and Akasa Studio. Our supporters are: Ministry of Culture and Fine Art, UYFC, CWEA, UPSTV, CYA, Cambodia Life, Santosasilk. Partners: Mind Book, CSVC, Preah Sorya, Writing Alliance, Kon Khmer Koun Khmer.