Trying to get a great job post-graduation without an internship on the resume is like baking a cake without flour. These are global times, so the professional world that awaits upon student graduation becomes increasingly interconnected. In addition, in this Digital economy technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds. Not surprisingly then, employers increasingly seek workers who have both cross-cultural competence and cutting-edge technical skills. One of the best ways to prepare students for this global marketplace is to intern abroad, especially for those who curious or ambitious about the big world out there.

During this coming spring break, 44 pharmacy students from year 4 and year 5 are going to UGM (Universitas Gadjah Mada) in Indonesia and KKU (Khon Kaen University) in Thailand for their one-month internship. In previous years, students only went to KKU, but this year with the extended collaboration, UGM also offered the internship opportunities for UP pharmacy students. It’s a great opportunity for UP students as both universities are ranked top 25 in the Southeast Asia, according to the Times Higher Education (THE).

Students will intern in 4 sectors namely community pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, research and development (R&D), and Pharmaceutical Technology. Panha Phally, the class monitor from year 4, is says he is really looking forward to it – excitedly telling us that interning abroad is an opportunity to learn about new people and cultures, taste delicious new foods, and make lasting memories whereas gaining more professional experience.

Equipped with per-departure internship advice from the faculties, our students seem to be ready for this exciting journey. Go show off your talent on the global stage and bring back home some amazing international experiences, students! Remember your goal and keep your mind open to changes and the unexpected.