The 2nd Pharmacy conference!!!

Professional development is a huge part of pharmacy, and attending conferences is one of the major kinds of professional development. In early November, the Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Puthsiastra hosted its 2nd Pharmacy conference to gather all pharmacists across Cambodia to share their experiences within pharmacy while networking and developing deep, endearing relationships with colleagues. This two-day conference ended with another fruitful achievements for both participants and organizers.

There were around 225 participants who are students and professionals from different institutions including the Pharmacy Council of Cambodia, Pharmacist Association of Cambodia, X-Lab Co.;Ltd, Pharma Product Manufacturing (PPM), University of Health Sciences, International University, and Health Sciences Institute of RCAF and other UP partners.

The conference was carried out through various sessions, in which the presentations and panel discussions were held under 6 themes: clinical pharmacy, community pharmacy, commercial pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, medical biology and education, focusing on the following major scientific topics:

  1. Review of the roles of clinical pharmacists in ASEAN countries
  2. Role of pharmacists in hospital pharmacy
  3. The roles of clinical pharmacists in Cambodia
  4. A clinical Pharmacist-Canadian Perspective: Helping patients reach treatment goals. 2 real cases from personal experiences
  5. Setting up a community pharmacy in Cambodia
  6. Challenges in the implementation of clinical role of pharmacists in Phnom Penh
  7. Challenges for local manufacturers to meet the international standard requirements
  8. Pharmaceutical product development
  9. Pharmaceutical quality control
  10. Preparation for a job in medical biology after graduation
  11. Challenges in working as a medical biologist in the field of hematology
  12. Knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to succeed in a profession as a medical biologist
  13. The need of medical representatives in Cambodia
  14. Challenges of working in a pharmaceutical distribution company
  15. The progress of drug management in the public sector from 1979-2019
  16. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for pharmacists in Cambodia

Thanks to all of our wonderful speakers, honored guests, conference attendees, and exhibitors, 2nd Pharmacy Conference 2019 was our best ever! We are looking forward to the 2020 Pharmacy Conference!