RESEARCH SPACE: Pharmacy education at UP, The journey so far

UP runs a research seminar every Wednesday afternoon at 4pm – Research Space. This week Dr Sin, Dean Faculty of Pharmacy gave a really interesting presentation on the evolvement of pharmacy education in Cambodia from a product-orientated focus to a patient-orientated focus.

Although UPs Faculty of Pharmacy follows the national curriculum developed by the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports (MoEYS), however UP has added much more to the curriculum to support student learning, practice and competencies to meet the current needs of society.

Dr Sin described how study tours and community outreach projects have been integrated into the curriculum to provide students with opportunities to practice in the real-life settings; as well as building students’ soft skills. Other subjects have also been integrated into the curriculum to orient and prepare students to practice in the clinical settings, undertake clerkships and equip students with research skills. Critical thinking skills, communication skills, employability skills and English language are critical to this. The review of the development of pharmacy education at UP provided by Dr Sin, gave a fascinating comparison between the Cambodian curriculums with the regional Asian Pharmacy Education framework.