Pathways to succeed in pharmacy,filed by PharmaCareer Club

PharmaCareer Club aims to orient pharmacy students to choose the right career pathway based on their competencies and potentials, and to provide pharmacy students with successful experiences and tips from professionals working within the dynamic field of pharmacy. With 50 participants, PharmaCareer Club invited two honorable speakers in the past two weeks.

Mr. Uch Navin, the Owner of Propey Pharmacy and the Industrial Operations Director of PPM, shared his knowledge and experiences within the pharmaceutical industry. Economic growth has resulted from improvements in the regional production chain, and the pharmaceutical industry has played an important role in boosting the economy. The influence of the role of working as a pharmacist was explored within this context of economic growth in the wider pharmaceutical industry.

Mr. Uch Navin has had extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry since 2009. He was also the recipient of the Investco Best Practice Award in 2013.

He explained and shared his questions and reflections in detail, specifically about the potential of the local pharmaceutical industry to grow and develop within the wider healthcare market. He also provided excellent advice and tips on how to become a qualified pharmacist, as well as information about various opportunities that pharmacists can use to build on their talents. Finally, he gave positive guidance on how to achieve success in a professional career. These kind of events can only stimulate the potential of pharmacy students, particularly those have a passion for the industry.

Moving from the private sector to the public sector, Dr. Chhay Sopanhana, who currently works at Kandal Provincial Health Department as a Regulatory Officer in charge of private sector and quality improvement, gave a presentation about the role of working as a pharmacist within a public sector setting. He kindly shared his experiences of the roles of a pharmacist in the public health system, with a particular focus on provincial health department work. His experience serves as a great example for students as they begin to consider their future areas of work within the pharmaceutical profession.