534 people from UP Pharmacy Community Outreach Project in Mondulkiri Province

All the Professors, Lecturers, Staff, and Students from the Faculty of Pharmacy are going to host a huge project called the Community Outreach Project in Mondulkiri Province.

The Community Outreach Project will be held on February 05-08, 2024 with 534 participants including, 501 pharmacy students from year 2 to year 5 of Batch 9 to Batch 12, 17 Pharmacy Professors, Lecturers, and staff, 1 Botanical Professor, 2 Traditional Healers, and 13 drivers.

The achievements that we expect to gain from the project include the following:

  1. UP will be able to publish its research articles in the International Journal.
  2. UP will be promoted directly and indirectly to the society.
  3. Students will be able to improve skills in leadership, management, and teamwork.
  4. Students will develop research skills and community skills.
  5. Faculty staff will improve their research skills.

To ensure the project go well and all the tasks can be completed on time, all the team advisors and team leaders have arranged a weekly meeting to make plans, schedule, and delegate tasks to each team member.