4 UP pharmacy students won 2019’s Kinal Prize Health Research Competition in the second and third place

After a thorough selection process, Kinal Prize found its champions this year! Four out of 11 UP pharmacy students received the 2nd and 3rd place awards.

Leading the UP charge in 2nd place was two best friends from year 5- Sivmey EANG and Vannara CHHE whose research was about “The evolution of
toothache management between under the age of 12 and presence among grade 12 students at Rodwell Learning Center”. In 3rd place was Sreynich LEAN and Pisal LAY, also from year 5, whose research was about “The evolution of headache management and its associated factors among students studying at Royal University of Phnom Penh over the last 3 years.” All eleven UP students were excited to take part of this yearly competition

This year students worked across different faculties and different universities, so this mix taught them a range of teamwork skills and left them a great
friendship after the contest.

As these are final year students at UP pharmacy school, they were asked where they saw themselves in 5 years time. They replied with a smile “we are still us, ourselves, with our same dreams as today – the dream of being change-makers, but now we much more knowledge and experiences and of course our degree. We can be the change we want to see.”