Nursing Graduate Students Undertaking Final Practicum

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) students from UP in their final year of training were among the first students to return to the hospitals after the COVID-19 delay. These students are due to take their graduating exams later this year and completion of their internship practicum in the hospitals is a requirement for graduation. So it was a great relief when the Ministry Of Health gave permission for all students in their final year to be able to go to the hospitals to complete their internship practicum. Both BSN and ADN student groups participated in an orientation program before going out to their practicum. While orientation programs are a regular part of student preparation for practicum, and infection control standards are instilled in all students at UP at all times, the program this time was adapted to include an intensive training session on COVID-19 prevention.

45 BSN students and 8 ADN students were accompanied to 5 different hospitals across Phnom Penh: The Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital, the National Pediatric Hospital, the Community Medical Centre, the Sihanouk Hospital Centre of Hope, and the Sunrise Japan Hospital. Students were accompanied by Faculty of Nursing Clinical Instructors who have a strong professional relationship with each hospital facility. They will regularly return to the hospitals over the students internship to monitor and encourage students in their progress and liaise with hospital authorities and preceptors.

Students will remain in the hospitals for the next 4 months, rotating to different areas to gain a well-rounded experience. It is expected that they will be using all of their nursing knowledge and skills learned through their nursing education to provide a high quality of care to patients and their families. It is also expected they will develop the behaviors and professionalism required of nursing students who are about to graduate into their chosen profession.