Midwifery Students Completed Their Internship at Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospita

Despite the difficulty of COVID-19, our midwifery students finally successfully completed their internship. The students had a great experience and enjoy their work in the maternity ward at Khmer-Soviet Friendship hospital.

“Yes, we were pretty scare of COVID-19 but nothing more excited than seeing a women giving birth” “It would be scarier seeing a woman pain during the delivery, we have been taught to stay by her side and giving her support until a very cute little baby came out from her womb to live life in this outside world.”, said the students.

After their internship, the students received a training program for their internal exit exam and national exit exam preparation, called OSCE training. Even if the current situation does not allow students to study at campus; University of Puthisastra, however has a very flexible online platform provided to all the students. In this critical period, our midwifery students are able to receive the training and learning in order to get the best possible for their knowledge to graduate as their dream to becoming a professional midwife in the future.