MOU signing between the University of Puthisastra and MUCH

The University of Puthisastra and MUCH Mobile Health Care signed a MOU to jointly develop a nursing program for registered nurses to specialize in the area of nursing management in the home. Mobile nursing services are well-established in many countries where patients can receive a high standard of nursing care in their own homes by a specialist registered nurse.

With the growing affluence in Cambodia and a shortage of hospital beds, home care nursing is a fast-growing specialist area of health care delivery.

Patients and their families can employ a full time nurse to care for a family member who either requires continued nursing care after discharge from hospital or is chronically ill, in the comfort of their own homes. Evidence shows us patients rehabilitate much faster in their own loving environment; as well as easing the overcrowding in hospitals while enabling the growth of an internationally recognized nursing specialty.

While UP has a proven academic track record at National Exit Exam, its students also graduate as well-rounded compassionate health care professionals. All UP students’ gain experience contributing to the health care of communities across Cambodia as well as exposure to international visiting
lecturers, and opportunities for overseas study trips and participation in international conferences and symposiums.

MUCH Mobile Health Care company was established in 2016 under approved licenses of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Commerce, Cambodia. The company provides a wide range of health care services 24/7 in clients’ homes as well as other settings including Nursing Care, Home Physiotherapy, Home Call Doctor, and Home Care service in Phnom Penh and its surrounding cities. The company also offers health care services for clients who seek medical care and treatment in abroad. Having seen the demand for these services increase significantly, the company is being proactive in increasing the numbers of highly qualified skilled nurses. They believe that building the company partnership with a specialist health science educational
institution, will go a significant way to addressing the skill shortage in health services and in the nursing profession specifically.

This MOU between University of Puthisastra and MUCH Mobile Health therefore, aims to establish a Continual Professional Education program for registered nurses –newly graduated and experienced nurses- to develop specialized knowledge and skills competency in the area of ambulatory care nursing.

“We believe that through this collaborative effort, we should be able to draw nurses’ attention to the high value of a career in nursing especially in home health care and that various job opportunities will be opened up for them in the future. They may be given an opportunity to either work with MUCH Mobile Health Care company or its partners. This increased job opportunity may in turn help attract nurses to the nursing program.”, said Ms Dyphan Phirum, CEO MUCH Mobile Health Care.

The Ambulatory Nursing Care Management course is the first of its kind in Cambodia. It is a certificate course that will fulfil the regulatory requirements of Continual Professional Development for registered nurses to remain licensed to practice. In addition, course participants will be qualified to apply for a job at MUCH. The MOU between UP and MUCH is a milestone in Cambodia’s nursing profession as it offers Cambodia’s nursing professionals a skills upgrade that will improve their employability and potentially increase their incomes.