UP staff take part in customer service training

On 26th November 2020, new training mannequins and equipment were delivered to the Simulation Laboratory. The adult and child CPR mannequins will allow the medical students to practice cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, or simply initiate chest compression. The Adult Nasogastric/Nasojejunal Feeding Trainer Mannequin will enable the students to learn and practice the correct method of insertion of a nasogastric tube (NGT). They will also introduce food via the tube.

The C.H.A.R.L.E. Nursing Med-Surg mannequin will allow the students to assess and manage neonatal airways. The mannequin will play an important role in learning how to resuscitate a newborn, as the students will be able to insert intravenous lines, intraosseus lines and even umbilical cord lines. In addition, the students will perform urinary catheterization, CPR and chest tube placement. These new mannequins will contribute to the acquisition of important practical skills before the medical students deal with real patients in the hospitals.