Pre-hospital Training for Year 7 Medical Students

Continuing its pre-hospital training courses, the Faculty of Medicine hasorganized one Course for MD year 7 students about to start their internship. UP is the only university to offer pre-hospital to its students. The one-day training was divided into 3 stations:

Station​​​ 1: “Seriously Ill Patients”:
Students learnt to assess the signs of patients in serious conditions. The algorithm ABCDE, which stands for Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability and Exposure, was applied in the practical training. With each of the conditions, students learnt to take the initial step in their management, such as choosing the appropriate face mask and applying high-flow oxygen, performing intubation and giving boluses in case of shock. The students were also encouraged to apply critical thinking in making a diagnosis in emergency cases.

Station 2: “Advanced Cardiac Life Support”:
Students learned how to evaluate the cardiac rhythm and to distinguish shockable and non-shockable rhythms. They also learnt to choose the right emergency medications for cardiac life support.

Station 3: “Reading Arterial Blood Gas Analysis”: The students learnt the basic rules in interpreting arterial blood gas analysis results. They also learnt to differentiate between the partial and full compensation of arterial blood gases. Case studies were presented and interpreted.